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Play It Again, Sam

Ellen's in a tiny office with her grief counseling group leader. She asks why the leader wanted to see her. Group leader is concerned about what's going on between Ellen and Wes. She can see they're getting close, and thinks maybe they should come to different sessions from now on. Ellen just sits there, solemn. Group leader says she's spoken to Wes, who agreed. She says it's not healthy. Ellen asks if the leader thinks it's too soon after David. Group leader says they're filling a need for each other that's based on grief, which can be emotionally dangerous. Ellen says that loneliness can be too. Group leader says jumping into a relationship just to fill the loneliness won't help. Ellen smirks, all, 'You just watch; I don't have to listen to you.'

Dave, wearing a bright yellow handkerchief with his grey suit for some odd reason, is asking Phil's advice about whom to appoint as the new energy secretary. Phil says it's not his field, and he's not sure he knows someone who's even qualified. Dave asks when that's ever been required for a government appointment. Phil laughs, and agrees. Dave's not looking for someone who knows everything; he's looking for someone who will support the industry. Phil says that's a tall order given the mood in Washington. He says there's no way the Senate will confirm anyone who's pro-regulation. Dave agrees. Phil says that if he knows Dave, that's not what he wants anyway; he's looking for someone who reads interventionist but has a free market heart. Dave says, "See? That's why I came to you." Why, exactly? I mean, I feel like I need a degree in government or science to understand half of what's going on this season. People have always said TV is dumb, but I'm thinking it might have gone too far in the opposite direction and gotten too smart.

Anyway, Phil suggests Sam Arsenault (he of coke-head daughter and charitable foundation fame). Dave thinks he's too unpredictable, since he started as an Independent, but then tried to get the Republicans to back him for governor. Phil assures Dave that Sam's only real loyalty is to the capitalist party. Dave looks thoughtful, so Phil says that they're having a dinner party on Friday night; would Dave like to meet Sam if he can get him there?

Wes is giving Ellen dirty-sounding instructions on how to shoot a gun at the range: "Breathe." "That's it." "It's firm, not tight." She says it feels like she won't be able to control it. He goes on: "If you try to control it too much, you get stiff and lose accuracy." "Keep breathing." "Feels good." "Let 'er rip." Okay, some of those things aren't dirty alone, but taken together? That scene could have been from soft-core porn. She does, indeed, let 'er rip, and shoots the target guy twice in the head (with two shots; Patty doesn't stand a chance in two months). After they're done shooting, they're making small (post-coital) talk about how he can't believe how good she was. No, really. He tells her to bring the target to work and people won't mess with her. She thanks him for helping her with all the sincerity in the world, as if he just helped her overcome her grief. I don't know. Maybe he did. Maybe that very dirty gun-shooting moment was the moment Ellen fell for Wes. I didn't see it, but maybe. Wes apologizes for asking her out a couple weeks ago. She tells him not to worry, that she's a big girl and can handle it. He says he thinks they both know that they shouldn't date because of therapy and everything. She agrees. He says that's good, because he was hoping to ask out her friend. She's like, "Katie?" And you can tell she's jarred by it, but she says okay and gives him Katie's number.

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