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Play It Again, Sam

He walks down a much-longer-than-necessary alley to meet Cheeseburger. He tells him he hasn't met with Katie alone yet, so he has nothing to report. Cheeseburger has something else for him. They go to the trunk of Cheeseburger's car, where there's a stash of guns. Wes asks what he's supposed to do with these, and Cheeseburger tells him to deliver them to an address in Jersey that's in the glove compartment. Wes says no, and Cheeseburger laughs, "Did you just say no?" Wes says he agreed to do this thing with Ellen, but he's done with this other shit. Cheeseburger says, "No. You're done when I say you are." Then he tells Wes to make sure the tank's full when he returns the car.

In another car, Finn's waiting to meet his prostitute. She gets in, and he thanks her. She tells him his dealer is a creep, and he says, "Yeah, but his shit's good." He pulls out the drugs he is so totally done with and asks if she wants some. She doesn't, because she actually is done with it. She's getting clean for her kid. He thinks that's very sweet. He asks what's going on with the lawyer who was asking about him. She says nothing; he keeps calling and she keeps blowing him off. He tells her she's a good girl. I have to say that it's bad enough that this guy's character is a total douchebag, but I also hate the actor. I feel like everything he says has some ridiculous amount of pomposity mixed with monotony, and I can't tell if it's an affectation or just terrible acting. But I don't think it matters, since it sucks either way.

Tom's sister's telling him she could get disbarred for what she's about to tell him. He says he could, too, so it's mutually assured destruction. Then she tells him: nothing. There is no file on Patty, no file on Pete, no file on Tom. No file on anyone associated with Hewes & Associates. He can't believe that, since the FBI approached Ellen and Pete, but she doesn't know what to say other than there's no investigation. Um, she could get disbarred for telling him nothing? Wow. That seems a rather harsh punishment for that bit of non-information. I think she could possibly get disbarred for the actual digging for information, but for the telling of no information? Not so much.

Tom tells Patty and Ellen later, and Ellen can't believe there's no file. Tom and Patty ask Ellen if she's sure the guys who approached her are legit FBI. She is positive. She asks Tom if he's sure he can trust his sister. He says she wouldn't have told him unless she were 100 percent. Tom wonders what the hell is going on.

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