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Play It Again, Sam

And Ellen asks just that question of Agents Dumb and Dumber. Mario Van Peebles looks slightly surprised at non-Marion agent, but he just asks her who told her that. She says she has her sources, and they say she needs to tell them who. She just gets mad and asks why the hell there isn't a record of this investigation. They look at each other and wonder if they should tell her the truth. They think it's time, so they tell her they're not FBI; they're IPF. Interplanetary Federation. You know. From Men in Black. They tell her they know Patty has contacts at the Justice Department and they couldn't risk tipping her off, so they had to pull the file. She says they better be telling her the truth. As they're leaving they discuss Ellen: They thinks she's smart, but they don't like her. And they wonder if they can trust her intel. Neither of them seems so sure about that.

Everyone's favorite prostitute, Lonnie, is readying for a client, who's knocking repeatedly at the door. She'd like her new client to not be so impatient. She opens with a smile that quickly turns serious as Patty introduces herself. Inside, Patty explains that the attorney Lonnie's ignoring works with her. Lonnie wonders what they want, and Patty says they'd like to know about what happened the night she and Finn were arrested. Our lady of the night is calling her agency instead; she wants Patty to leave. Patty's fine with that. She'll just call Finn and tell her she sees other clients. She tells Patty to go ahead, but Patty makes it clear that both women know he thinks it's exclusive. Patty just wants to talk, so Lonnie asks if she's going to pay for the hour. Patty doesn't answer, but she tells Lonnie that she knows she's trying to put herself through school, that she has a failed marriage, two stints in rehab, a kid she never sees, and one hell of a custody battle. If Lonnie talks to them, Patty will pay for her tuition in night school, will give her protection, and will put in a good word with her family court judge. If she doesn't talk ... Patty says family courts don't take too kindly to mothers who are prostitutes, so it would be a shame if they found out.

Phil greets Dave at the dinner party. He's glad he could make it. A couple guys are talking about the state of health care as one of them has to go in for simple hernia surgery the next week. Sam greets Michael, who looks uncomfortable and asks how Lily's doing. Sam says it's been tough, but Yale's considering taking her back. Michael says that's great and to tell her hi. Phil calls Sam over to meet Dave. Phil leaves to make Sam a gin gimlet -- and, really, to leave these two alone together. Sam says he hears he's being vetted. Dave says that rumors travel halfway around the world before truth can tie their shoes. Dave asks if he's interested, and Sam says he likes how Bill Richardson did it: serve one term and then head home to be governor. Sam's always wanted to be governor. Dave thinks that's an admirable goal. Sam tells him to ask around: He's a pragmatist. Dave asks if he's prepared to faithfully represent the interests of his country, and Sam laughs that we're all businessmen here, aren't we. Dave barely smiles.

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