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Play It Again, Sam

Later, dinner's served. One of the guys from the health care discussion asks Phil if it's safe to jump back into the stock market. Phil says there are ample opportunities out there. He quotes Buffett (Warren, not Jimmy, thank God), then says that it's all cyclical and things will rebound. Patty adds, "With a little oversight." Phil tells everyone that he and his wife agree on many things, but this is one area where they differ. Patty says that Phil makes the mistake of thinking man is inherently good, but he corrects her that he thinks man is self-interested, and the only way to keep self-interest in check is through free market competition. He asks Sam to back him up on that, and Sam snores and asks what the question was. Phil asks whose side he's on anyway, and Sam holds up his glass and says whoever fills that first.

At Katie's (I think), Ellen asks if Wes called her. Katie says yes, and it was kind of out of the blue. Katie doesn't know if it's weird to ask, but she does it anyway: Would Ellen mind if Katie went out with him? Ellen says, "Jesus! You need to ask my permission as well!" Okay, that was definitely Ellen's way of telling Katie he liked her first, and makes me think she's a total bitch. Ellen says she doesn't mind, and asks why she would. Katie says she thought they might have something, but Ellen says they're just friends and she's not ready for that. Katie asks how much she's told Wes about David and Frobisher. Ellen says she's talked about it, and things come up in group. Katie says she doesn't want to say something she shouldn't and Ellen says, in a creepy voice, "Well, then don't." Katie says, "Ellen, seriously, if you don't want me to go." But Ellen tells her no, it's fine: go. She promises it's fine. But you can tell it's not.

Back at the diner party, Phil's telling Sam he better not go shy on them. Sam says it was a one-time thing, but Phil calls bullshit, saying he does it at the drop of a hat. Sam tells him to drop a hat. Phil calls for Michael to bring down the keyboard. Michael gets the keyboard set up and Sam says this one's for Dave and asks what he wants. He wants Danny Boy, and Michael can't believe he's serious. Dave says it's a family favorite. So Michael starts playing and Sam starts singing in a lovely deep voice that sounds like something you'd grow up hearing on standards or old family classics. So I thought he was lip-synching. Until I read his bio, which says he's a Cabaret singer and two-time Tony winner. So, okay, it's probably him after all. As he sings, Dave and Patty chit-chat. Patty tells Dave that all the guys at this party were born rich, and asks about him. He says his dad smelted steel for 37 years, so she raises a glass to him. Dave asks if Patty and Sam are still partners in their charity foundation. She says yes. So he asks what she thinks of him. She says he's a terrific guy, but you have to watch out because when you peel away the glad-handing and honey-voiced charm, what's left is an entitled brat who thinks he's above the rules. He'll tell you what you want to hear and then turn around and stab you in the back. Says the woman who is stabbing him in the back. Dave: "Good to know." Sam just continues singing beautifully. Although it's a song about death, so it's sort of ominous, isn't it?

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