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Play It Again, Sam

Agents Dumb and Dumber are asking their boss why there's no record of all the reports they've submitted. They wonder why they don't have clearance to the case file. He tells them this case is strictly "need to know" since the deputy director said so. The agents ask what that means, and he tells them it means the Bureau's made this case a top priority, which means it can make a career, so they need to stop whining and go get him something on Patty.

Kendrick and Suttry are talking trader gibberish over golf. Here's what's said. Kendrick: "You like Idaho?" Suttry: "I feel like it's our best bet." Kendrick: "Is the plant manager willing to play ball?" Suttry: "Definitely. I spoke to my meteorologist" (who has their own meteorologist?!); "he's predicting a foot of snow. There should be a big demand for home heating. Once we shut down supply, there should be a pretty healthy spike in price." Kendrick: "Unless the storm shifts north." Suttry: "There's always that risk, but I still think that's the way to go." Kendrick: "You usually give me more options." Suttry: "You usually give me more time." Kendrick: "Fine. Idaho. Let me know when they plan to go off line." Am I the only one confused? Are they really shutting down some sort of heating plant in Idaho? Or is it all code?

Lonnie is meeting with Patty, so I take it she took her up on her deal. She says that before she and Finn were arrested, he made a stop. He got out of the car and went into an SUV. Patty asks if he was meeting someone, but she says no, there was no one else there. He had his own set of keys. He just sat in the car for a minute and then came back to their car and drove off. Tom asks if she saw what kind of SUV it was. She thinks it was a Cadillac (product placement alert!). "You know, the big one." That's what she said. Patty asks what his state of mind was at the time; if he seemed anxious. Lonnie says when he's coked up, it's a little hard to tell. Patty looks sort of disgusted, but asks Lonnie if there's anything else she can remember. She says that's all she saw, and Patty thanks her for coming in. Then she tells her she had a nice chat with her family court judge, who should be sympathetic to joint custody. Lonnie thanks her and leaves.

Skeevy Darrell Hammond gets into an SUV and plugs in some latitude, but no longitude. That's not very good direction, now, is it?

Phil and Dave are meeting again and Phil asks what Dave's verdict is on Sam. Dave says he's a hell of a singer, but Phil asks about the position. Dave thanks him for making the introduction, but they're leaning in a different direction now. Phil wonders, "More conservative?" Dave says, "More you," adding that Phil's a brilliant manager. Phil doesn't know. Dave says that the two of them both grew up in finance and made a mint, but Dave says he didn't get to where he is now until he went to Washington. Phil wonders where Dave is now, exactly, and Dave says, "connected." Phil doesn't see himself in government, so Dave suggests he stays a year or two and then jumps back into the private sector. Phil hates politics, but Dave says this isn't about politics; it's about power and influence. He says, "You're rich, Phil, but what's next?" Is this really how rich people think and talk? "I have money, now how can I get more power?" God, I really hope not. But Phil looks thoughtful. Dave asks him to kick it around. Phil will consider it, but he's not making any promises.

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