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So Warren and Brandon are in the bottom two. And both are giant men who should lose this weight easier than anyone. Disgraceful! Warren goes first. He says he's doing more exercise than he's ever done in his life, which isn't a surprise to anyone, I'm sure. And his dance partner, Sarah, is a hard-ass. They'll be dancing to "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy." Warren puts his all into it and seems to have a harder routine than last week, so that should hopefully work in his favor. Mayte thinks Warren lost some of his energy as the routine went on. Lisa thought Warren was too obviously trying to remember his routine and "got lost" in the middle of it. So she'll probably give him a 2. Or an 8. You really never know with Lisa. Anyway, I have no idea if he really did get lost, since they cut away during that part of the routine to something non-dance-related for some strange reason. Danny liked Warren's dedication and energy, but not much else. Warren heads over to the scale. He lost 3.1 pounds, which is just 0.9 percent. He still looks impressed with the number though, probably because it's still much more than he's used to seeing.

And finally, Brandon. He claims he wanted to step up this week after being in the bottom two last week, but we now know that he totally didn't. He isn't a fan of disco, but his dance partner Yesenia is determined to make him do lifts. She's brave or has a death wish. They're dancing to "That's The Way (I Like It)," and Brandon's afro is the way I like it. And he's pretty good tonight despite his pre-dance reservations. He even does a cartwheel! Go Brandon! And then he finishes with Yesenia hanging upside down with her crotch in his face, which has a big ol' smirk on it. Awesome. Mayte says she was nervous in the beginning, but then Brandon impressed her. Lisa says that disco is indeed Brandon's style, but she's annoyed with him for being in the bottom two for two weeks in a row. Brandon says he's eating enough vegetables but needs to get better with the fruits. And possibly also ease up on the Cheat cabinet. Danny says that Brandon only started to perform halfway through the routine, but it was great when he did. And it was! I think Brandon was my favorite this week. He takes the scale. He lost just 1.5 pounds, for a percentage of 0.66, the lowest of anyone in the competition. But it's better than gaining weight, I guess. MJW tells Brandon to be hopeful, because his dancing scores might be good enough to keep him here. Then she tells Alicia not to think she's out of the woods yet, because both Warren and Brandon could beat her. Cut to Alicia, still sobbing with her mouth open.

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