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Back from break, they really shouldn't have MJW stand next to the contestants in the same shot, because the only reason why she looks thinner than them is because she's wearing a heavy-duty corset under her dress, which she shouldn't because it's doing weird things to her shoulders. It's time to reveal the judge's scores. Brandon's are read first, which most likely means that he did well enough to rise far up from the bottom two and it's really between Warren and Alicia. Brandon gets a 7 from Mayte and Lisa and an 8 from Danny, who always knows what's up. That gives him an average of 7.3 and a total of 7.96, which puts him all the way up to seventh place. Please lose some more weight next week and deserve this, Brandon.

Alicia is sobbing her ass off as she goes against Warren. He needs at least a 5.7 to stay another week. Mayte gave him a 5. Danny gave him a 6. Which means it's up to Lisa, somehow, to say whether he stays or not even though she's always the second judge to give her score. Way to give yourself the big drama moment, Executive Producer. She talks about how hard this decision is and gives both contestants props and now she's crying like Alicia except that Lisa is an actress, so who knows if they're real. "Alicia, I have bad news," she starts, and I love Lisa!! But then she continues: "you're gonna have to stick around next week." She gave Warren a 4. NOOOOO! Now I hate Lisa! But she was being honest. That really was bad news. Alicia bawls her ass off and Warren has to comfort her even though he's the one leaving. He says he's proud of himself and he definitely lost weight, so he's happy. Don't be too happy, Warren! You still have a lot more to go and you seem like a fun guy and you have a family to live for, so please do.

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