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Mayte claims to love the routine, but noticed that Trice was anticipating some of her moves. She gives her a 7. Lisa, whose lips are real, builds up Trice's self-esteem and confidence by saying she looks "more and more beautiful" every week. On the other hand, she noticed that Trice moves with her head first, as opposed to last week when she had her arms tied behind her back and apparently had better form. She tells Trice to let Jesus's body tell her what to do instead of trying to control it herself. And gives her a 6. Kiss that phone call good-bye, Trice! Danny says it was great and had a lot of "content" and gives Trice a 7. That's an average of 6.7. You know what? It's actually an average of 6.66. Why round up? It's not really fair to the people who get a 6.33 and have their scores rounded down. It's the sixth week of this show and I'm just realizing that. Trice steps on the scale, but before she can find out her weight loss, MJW tortures her by dangling that phone call she's not going to get in front of her and asking what she'd say to her mother. "MOM, I LOVE YOU!" Trice says. Trice seems to think that it's fifty years ago when long-distance calls meant bad connections so you had to shout. "You should be very proud of yourself, Trice," MJW says with an astonishing lack of sincerity. Finally, we find out that Trice lost 4.2 pounds this week for a percentage of 1.69. Again, why give the percentages two digits after the decimal but round the judge's average up or down to just one? Trice's total score is 8.39 and she's lost 31 pounds, which really is impressive. That's about 5 pounds a week!

Second up is Alicia. We're reminded that Alicia was in the bottom two last week, and that means she's upset. She's still tempted by the cheat cabinet, but not to the extent that she screams bloody murder and rips it apart like she did a few weeks ago. Which is kind of disappointing, really. Instead, she's working out hard and determined never to be in the bottom two ever again. And, of course, she really wants to win the phone call. "I'm gonna sweat and I'm gonna cry," she says as we see footage of her doing both of those things. Alicia and Italo are dancing to "Pump It." Alicia seems to have the footwork down pretty well, and I think this is the most natural performance she's had on this show. And she only makes her angry determined gritted teeth face twice, so that's good. Mayte liked Alicia's footwork and posture and gives her an 8. Lisa liked it even more and gives her a 9. Alicia cries. But in happiness, which is not as annoying. Danny loved the choreography but would have liked to see more bounce and groove in the dance. But he's just being nit-picky and gives her a 9. Damn, that's an 8.66 average! I mean, 8.7. Anyway, that will be really hard to beat. As for weight loss, Alicia lost a ridiculous 6 pounds. She can't believe it and has to turn around and look at the scale for proof. That's a percentage of 2.56 and a total of 11.26. Damn, Alicia finally stepped up. Good for her.

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