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Mayte says it was great and gives Ruben a 9. Lisa the wild card loved everything about it except that he was too elegant and fluid and she thinks this particular dance style calls for some bold movements. So she gives him a 7. Oh, snap. That sucks. I guess Lisa hates people with cancer. Ruben looks crushed. Danny disagrees very much with Lisa and says Ruben has improved and taken criticism without temper tantrum every week. He even praises Hilary for choosing the moves and routines that showcase Ruben's abilities the best. He gives Ruben a 10. But since Lisa hates people with cancer, his average is still just an 8.7 He'll have to lose a lot of weight to get the top spot. Ruben says he's worried about this since he had such a big weight loss week last week but he did the best he could. Ruben steps on the scale ... and he lost 6.2 pounds. That's no 10 pounds like last week, but it really is impressive. But not enough, as it's only good for a percentage of 2.28 and a total of 10.98 and second place. No phone call for you, Ruben! He's obviously disappointed, but MJW still makes him talk about how happy he is to have lost almost 50 pounds so far. If only Lisa had given him an 8, he would have won the call home. What is her problem?

The bottom two are Pinky and Mara. Mara will dance first, but first she goes to the Griffith Observatory for a group exercise session, like that's a good place to do it. Oh my god, is that Dr. H leading the group exercise? It looks like him from the back and sounds like him. And good lord, he's wearing tight little exercise pants and what appear to be leg warmers and/or ankle weights. It's bad enough seeing Dr. H in his doctor clothes. Do we really need Work-Out Dr. H, too? Ugh. Anyway, while leaving the group exercise session, Mara tripped on the break in the time/space continuum that allowed Miles to be exercising with them even though he was kicked off last week and injured her knee. And she has to be checked out by Dr. H in his creepy work-out clothes. Tragedy! Mara has to pull back on some of the exercise and dance moves, but at least she's getting along better with Paul. And unlike all the other sentimental fools, Mara is more interested in winning the competition than the phone call home.

Mara and Paul are somehow going to do a jive/west coast swing to "Womanizer." Here's a first: the show singer is better at this song than the original artist. The footwork looks good and I always love watching Mara's face during her routines. She does a great job of expressing the emotions of her dance. And what's this? Audience extras! Paul spins over to the audience and two women stand up and run their hands all over his body. I don't like the precedent this could set. No audience participation, please. Unless Karla is in the audience, of course. Mayte claims to enjoy the performance and the use of audience extras, but would have liked to see more bounce. Lisa disagrees and says while the East Coast Swing styles are more bouncy, West Coast is apparently smoother. She also lists the Lindy Hop as an East Coast style, but Shayla had to do Lindy Hop/West Coast Swing so that's really confusing. I really wish someone would put a non-violent end to these swing coast wars. Lisa liked Mara's dancing and especially her joyful facial expressions. Mara laughs and hugs Paul. She's just adorable. Danny really liked Mara's performance and thinks she and Paul got back the spark he thought they lost last week. "Paul told me less is better," Mara says. "He was right," Danny says. "YEEEAHH!" Mara squeals. Mara takes the scale and tells MJW she's sad to be in the bottom two but happy to be here. She lost 3 pounds, which is pretty good, for a percentage of 1.24. MJW says she lost 23 pounds since she began and "that is incredible." Well, not really after we've heard what all the other contestants have lost, which is a lot more.

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