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After the break, it's time for our final contestant, Pinky. Pinky wanted to call her parents if she won the call, but after hearing Ruben talk about his sick boyfriend she decided to give her call to Ruben if she wins. She hugs Ruben and Alicia decides to join them even though she didn't agree to give her phone call to anyone. Quit horning in on Pinky and Ruben's hug, Alicia. Pinky says she's working hard to master her dance moves and lose the weight, but we all know that the latter part of that didn't really happen for her. Let's see if she succeeded at the former. Pinky and Mr. Lucky (LOL) are doing the Lindy Hop/Jive to "I Kissed A Girl." Pinky is smooth and graceful and not stompy like the judges keep dinging her for. And then she somehow bends over backwards and lands in a yoga bridge pose except that her hands are supporting the front of her body instead of the top of her back. That is seriously impressive. Mayte liked it but noticed a few points where Pinky got flustered. Lisa loves watching Pinky dance, but would have liked to see more side-by-side dancing with her partner. That said, she was just as impressed as I was with Pinky's move at the end. Danny is annoyed with Pinky for being in the bottom two again and says this show was named after her since she's always dancing for her life. Pinky takes the scale and lost just 1.3 pounds. Oof. That's just 0.75 percent and a total weight loss of just 13.9 pounds. And yet, of course, MJW thinks that's really impressive.

Pinky, Mara, and Trice stand on stage to find out who is going home. MJW can say right now that neither Pinky nor Mara scored high enough to get first place (nor could they have, unless Lisa went crazy and gave someone a 15, which is not out of the realm of possibility), which means the phone call home will go to Alicia. She cries. While Ruben holds her arm and hopes she'll donate her prize to him, she shuts him down and says she's calling her parents, neither of whom, to the best of my knowledge, have cancer. But I don't blame Alicia. I blame Lisa. Anyway, onto the loser! Mara's scores are read first, so you know she's safe tonight. She needs an average of 7.3 to stay. Lisa and Danny gave her an 8, so if Mayte gave her at least a 7, she'll be okay. Mayte actually gave her a 9, so she's just fine. Mara's overall score is a 9.54.

Back from break, it's time to see if Pinky got the 7.7 average score she needs to stay in the game. Lisa is crying already, and she now officially cries more often than Alicia. Mayte gave Pinky an 8. Lisa gave her a 7. Eek. And Danny gets to speak. He says it's a hard decision, since Trice lost the most weight of any of the girls and Pinky "kills it" on the dance floor. Then there's a five minute pause to build suspense and Danny gives Pinky a 9. Pinky sobs in relief while Trice takes the news pretty well. Trice says she's happy with her weight loss thus far and she's not a sobbing mess like some people on this show when they get eliminated. MJW could not be worse at the exit interviews, so it's awkward but blessedly short. Trice gives one last shout-out to Englewood (see? I got it right this time) and she's gone. I'll miss you, Tree-sha-nell.

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