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Trice is the first of the bottom two to go. She meets with her partner Jesus for some schooling on this Broadway Fosse dancing style. It seems to involve a lot of throwing your shoulders back and putting your chest out. It's hard for Trice to do, so Jesus ties her arms behind her back. It helps, and then it's time to dance! Sure enough, Trice's arms are well behind her back. Apparently, a big part of Broadway Fosse is to lip sync to the music. Trice isn't very good at that, but I don't think they're judging her lip syncing abilities. There are props involved and it's kind of cheesy, but still better than the jazz dancing of Miles. Mayte loved it and even makes sure to praise Jesus' ability to train Trice so well. Lisa also loved it and says she liked seeing Trice do a dance where posture is so important. And then they over-edited the rest of Lisa's comments so it didn't really make sense. Danny says he really thought Trice would be out of the bottom two just because of how hard she had to work in her dance style this week, but maybe she built too much muscle or something. He adds that her feet were "flappy kippers." Danny is bringing the British this week. But she got the style part of the dance down and he enjoyed it, so I think Trice is safe this week. She lost a decent amount this week -- 3.9 pounds, but since everyone else had such great weeks I guess that's why she's on the bottom. She has a percentage of 1.55, which would have been just fine in any other week.

And finally, we have Alicia. Or, as MJW occasionally calls her, "Alisha." Learn the contestants' names, MJW, or I'll start calling you Melissa Janet Winocar. Alicia is getting into the Flashdance spirit by wearing dark green eyeshadow for rehearsals and her interviews this week. She isn't so sure that the jive and "Maniac" will work well together, but she doesn't cry! Yet! Then she meets with the personal trainer, who did not get as much camera time as the nutritionist, to work on her core strength as the judges ordered last week. It involves the dreaded BOSU. "It burns the whole time and it sucks," Alicia says. I can't argue with her there. MJW tells Alicia to dance her ass off, and then you can see the fake smile she plasters on her face completely disappear into a frown just before she's off-camera. It was kind of awesome.

Anyway, we get the rapid leg movements we all expected out of a dance for this song and then there's some jiving. Alicia's footwork is sloppy at times, but the other moves look good and she doesn't look too uncomfortable with it. Mayte says she saw the improvement in Alicia's core strength, but now Alicia needs to do a better job staying in rhythm. Lisa acknowledges that Alicia was doing something very different for her, but she still saw Alicia's joy. She dings Alicia on her lindy hop (I think that was the part where I thought Alicia's footwork was sloppy), to which Alicia says it's hard to do when you weigh 230 pounds. Yes, Alicia, and everyone else on this show is also overweight so no free rides! Lisa tries to claim that she knows what it's like to be a fat dancer, but please. Danny asks Alicia what she thought of this routine compared to her others. Alicia says the jive was hard for her, but she loves Flashdance, being from Pennsylvania and all. Danny says that's exactly his point -- the dance was too much Flashdance and not enough jive. That's not Alicia's fault, though. Alicia tries not to cry at the crappy score she's going to get from Danny and heads over to the scale. Before we find out her weight, MJW has some time to fill, so she asks Alicia if she has any regrets this week. Alicia says she has none and she wakes up really early and works really hard and eats really well. And she doesn't even cry when she says all this stuff, so I might just like Alicia after all, especially when she gets all impatient when it takes the show five minutes to reveal how much weight she lost this week. Finally, she lost 4.2 pounds, which is good but this was a big loss week for everyone. That's 1.76 percent and some dubbed lines from MJW.

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