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Back from the break, Miles, Trice, and Alicia are on the stage with MJW. It's time to find out that Miles is going home, which is obvious as soon as they start with Alicia's scores. If Alicia's scores are read first then she must have done better than Miles, and I really think Trice got good scores, too. Alicia got a 7 from Mayte and Lisa and a 6 from Danny for an average of 6.7. That gives her a total of 8.46 and she is safe for another week. Trice will need an average score of 6.3 to stay in the game and I can't see how she didn't. Oh, but Danny gave her a lowly 6. The hell? He hated Alicia's dance and gave that a 6, but said he liked Trice's only to give her the same score. I don't get it. Mayte gave Trice a 7, so Lisa has to have given her at least a 7 for her to beat Miles. Lisa freaking milks her suspenseful moment, taking ten minutes to reveal her score and on the verge of tears as she gives Trice ... an 8! Trice is so happy that she has to hold her boobs inside her top as she jumps up and down. Miles is a great sport and gives her a big hug. But why is Lisa crying over there? Did she really like Miles? Does she hate the number 8? So weird! Trice sits down so MJW can talk to Miles. He lost 26 pounds and chokes up as he talks about how much he'll miss his fellow contestants. Aw, Miles seems like such a nice guy! He rips his shirt off and leaves the show sans top. It's not the most graceful exit I've ever seen, but it was still better than his jazz dance.

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