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Second up is Trice, who reminds us that she was in the bottom two last week. To avoid a similar fate this week, she met with the nutritionist and made smoothies. She also cut down on her chicken (might not be a good idea, that) and upped her vegetables (always good) and worked out all the time. Trice and Jesus are dancing to "Suavemente." I really like watching Trice dance; she looks like she's having a blast. They do lots of spins and Latin-y moves, but none of the impressive lifts like Miles, for obvious reasons. Mayte gives Trice a 6, although she's excited about how strong Trice is becoming or whatever. I don't even know what Mayte is talking about anymore. Danny is the only judge who makes sense. Lisa praises Trice for "locking it down," and then gives her a 7. She seemed to like Trice's dance much more than Miles', but they got the same score. I just don't get it. Danny wanted more hip movement from Trice, but liked that she and Jesus used the entire floor and Trice "stepped out of [her] comfort zone." I think it's safe to say that everyone on this show is stepping out of his comfort zone every week with the possible exception of Ruben, so how does this make sense? Anyway, he gives her a 7 for an average of 6.7. Trice was determined to put up big weight loss numbers this week, and she did! 5.9 pounds, which is a percentage of 2.29. Trice's ecstatic reaction makes me love her all over again. Her total score is 8.99.

Third to go is Alicia! It turns out that Alicia is pretty cool in real life, so I'll try not to be too harsh on her this week. But if I see one tear, it's all over, Alicia! Alicia interviews that she's actually excited about Latin week, because she's half Italian and half Chilean, and perhaps more importantly, her partner is one of the best Latin dancers. Italo is ready to teach Alicia to cha cha in just a few days, and Alicia is ready to work hard to learn it. They're dancing to "Let's Get Loud." Alicia plays to the camera and they do two lifts. One is more successful than the other, but it still looks pretty good to me. Mayte calls it calienté and says Alicia "started dancing with [her] face," which couldn't have been easy. I can't even dance with my feet, let alone my face. She wasn't a big fan of Alicia's footwork, which the viewers at home didn't get to see much of thanks to this show's camerawork that I'm not a big fan of, and then gives Alicia a lowly 6. What the hell, Mayte? Did you forget how to say any other number? Lisa wants Alicia to extend her body upwards so her arms will move better. She also gives Alicia a 6. Danny says that Alicia's body isn't quite doing what her mind is telling it to, but he likes her progress and gives her a 7. Her average is 6.3. But then she loses a crapload of weight -- 6.4 pounds -- so she should be just fine. That's 2.61 percent for a total score of 8.91.

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