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MJW wriggles around and announces that Mara is up next. It turns out that things haven't gone so well for Mara and her partner Paul this week, as Paul says he wants 8s or better this week and Mara says "no." "Yes!" Paul says. Mara interviews that Paul is a "drill sergeant." I think it's more like Mara has a bad attitude. When someone says you're going to do well this week, you say, "yes!" and keep that positive attitude. I'm like the most negative person ever, and even I can do that. After practice, Mara tearfully tells Paul that he doesn't listen to her. He says he does and he's just trying to make her look as good as possible on stage. Mara just says that the relationship they're supposed to have as partners isn't there. Also, she is "straight-up real" and "not a fake individual." Well, try faking a good attitude, Mara. Paul interviews: "I'm not here to argue, I'm just here to dance." For real, Paul. They're dancing to "Black Magic Woman." It looks pretty good to me, with lots of footwork by Mara. Mayte claims that she could tell the connection wasn't there between the partners, but if she didn't know that they had problems with each other I'm sure she wouldn't have said that. She also thought Mara's footwork was a bit sloppy, so shows what I know about dancing. She gives Mara a 6. Lisa tells Mara that on the dance floor, the man is the boss, so Mara can't keep trying to take control and fight everything Paul does. She gives Mara a crappy 5, so I guess Lisa is in her bad mood portion of the evening. Danny comes through and says that the tension between the partners worked in their favor, and gives them the 7 that they deserve. But Lisa's 5 means Mara's average is just a 6. She lost 3.5 pounds for a percentage of 1.4 and a total of 7.40, which puts her in last place. Bad news for Mara.

So now we've got Tara, Brandon, and Pinky left. Based on these contestants' previous showings, who do you think is called next, thus avoiding the dreaded bottom two? That's right, it's Tara. Brandon, you buffoon! I love your dancing but I hate your weight loss. Anyway, Tara is thrilled with her progress thus far, and has already gone down several sizes of jeans and is looking forward to fitting into a size 8. She and Michael are dancing to "Livin' La Vida Loca," and it is not good. Even I can tell that it is not good. They aren't in sync, she's moving too slowly, and the back bend over Michael's leg goes wrong. Mayte hated it, and gives Tara a 4. Lisa says Tara isn't a Latin dancer, but she's happy for her for getting out of the Mom jeans. Mom jeans isn't a size, Lisa. It's a style. Anyway, she gives Tara a 5. Danny talks over Tara in his haste to hate on her dancing, saying that he could tell that she wasn't confident this week, and that's why it didn't go well for her. He gives her a 4, so I think it's safe to say that Tara will be leaving us this week. MJW dubs in some encouraging words about Tara possibly being saved by a good weight loss, and then Tara steps on the scale and hopes she lost 15 pounds this week. She lost 4.2, giving her a percentage of 1.85. She needed to do a lot better. Her total score is 6.15, which is 1.25 less than the second-to-last-place Mara. Ouch.

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