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Dancing With The Candy Bars

Finally, we've got Pinky. She wants to join her skinny brothers' dance crew, but is too fat, thanks to her grandmother's home cooking. It is hard to say no to grandma. And Pinky's grandma cooks some delicious-looking food. Pinky starts at 186.9 pounds. She meets her partner, whose name is "Mr. Lucky" because he's ridiculous, and is fitted in her all-pink costume. She'll be dancing to "Just Dance." She does pretty well and is obviously a trained dancer. Mr. Lucky wipes off her head at the end of the dance for some reason. Mayte notes Pinky's obvious dance background and judges her more harshly, saying she could "do more." Lisa liked the determination in Pinky's face. Danny doesn't understand how Pinky could have had so much trouble losing weight this week with such a cardio-intensive dance routine. Maybe she ate like shit? He says he loved her dance. Pinky runs to the scale. She lost 2.4 pounds, which is 1.28% of her body weight.

After the break, it's time to reveal the loser! Brandon, Pinky, and Angela take the stage. MJW reveals the judges' scores. Pinky got 7s from Mayte and Lisa and an 8 from Danny. With an average score of 7.3, her total score is 8.58, which puts her way up in 8th place. Yay Pinky! That means it's between Brandon and Angela. Brandon got a 6 from Mayte and a 7 from Lisa. Angela seems to know she's on her way out. Danny gets a moment to say that he hopes whoever goes home tonight learned enough to do well blah blah blah Brandon gets a 7, which means it's good-bye to Angela. But Brandon is a drama queen, so he cries and walks in a circle and sobs on Angela's arms and kind of steals her moment. MJW talks to Angela, who cries that she didn't get the chance to show the world what she wanted to. Her heart is broken, but MJW doesn't let that dampen her perky spirits one bit. She kicks Angela off the stage and says next week is Disco Week. We go to the credits with a big dance party of the remaining contestants.

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Dance Your Ass Off




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