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After the break, Miles is called up to dance. He wasn't happy with his meager weight loss last week, so he's determined to follow the meal plan and work out this week. Then he pulls an Alicia and throws everything in the re-stocked cheat cabinet in the garbage. Again, just because you don't want anything in the cheat cabinet doesn't mean that the other contestants feel the same way, Miles. Just don't eat anything in it and hope your fellow contestants do so you can win the money! Or take that garbage bag up to Brandon's room. He'll eat it. Miles loves the eat cabinet with all of its "whole-grain organic stuff," but I still see whole lot of peanut butter there, so whatever. Also, is that a Star Wars tattoo I see on Miles's arm? NERD! He says he's all about the routine this week. He's also, apparently all about wearing product placement gym shirts.

Miles and Michelle are dancing to "I'm Too Sexy," because someone had to do it. He struts to the pole and swings on it before he and Michelle do some coordinated moves. Then he has a little trouble with the breakaway pants but recovers in time to slap Michelle on the ass and slide down and back up the pole. To finish, he rips his shirt open and catches Michelle's legs as she does an upside down split. As soon as it's over, he hastily closes his shirt. Mayte tells him to hit harder, but still gives him an 8 for his outfit. But ... Ruben's outfit sucked and he still got an 8! I don't get it. Lisa seems to have negative things to say, but I'm not sure exactly what they are and then she gives him an 8 anyway. But then it's time for Danny. Did Miles keep his eyes off the ground this week, as he instructed? He did! Danny has only good things to say about Miles' work, but then gives him a 7 for an average of 7.7. Miles managed to step up the weight loss this week for a total of 4.6 pounds and a percentage of 1.83. His total is 9.53. MJW dubs in some lines about weight loss and hard work.

Pinky is chosen to dance next. She's ready to be sexy and feminine this week, as Lisa requested last week, but admits that she feels out of her element and isn't comfortable with "the idea" of pole dancing. It all makes sense until she tells us her way of coping with this was to invent an alter ego for herself named "Cosa Rosa." Pinky tells us that means "Pink Stuff," so it's not very far off from her other alter ego. Where is Sophia in all of this, I ask you. Anyway, Pinky Pink Stuff and Mr. Lucky (who changed his name to "Cosa Suerte" this week), are dancing to "Lady Marmalade." Lisa is so godsmacked by the change in Pinky that she clutches her breasts and collapses onto Danny while mouthing "I love her." We see more of Lisa during this routine than we do of Pinky. She shows off her flexibility and does some of those long, sexy moves Lisa likes so much. She doesn't spin on the pole, but she did work it into her routine quite a bit, so hopefully that's enough for Danny.

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Dance Your Ass Off




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