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Back from break, Trice is already crying. Mara's scores are revealed first, which means she did fine. Mayte gave her a 9, and Lisa and Danny gave her an 8. Mara got the best average score of the week for a total of 9.01. So it's down to Karla and Trice. Karla will need an average of 7 to stay. Oh... I don't think she can do that, based on what the judges said. Danny gave her a 6, which is bad news. Lisa gave her a 6. That means that Mayte had to give her like a 9, which she didn't. Mayte speaks. She says that Karla is beautiful, and then gives her a 5, so I'm sure Karla really felt the self-esteem boost there. So Karla's gone? Nooooo! My former neighbor! Who will I root for now? Karla says she learned a lot and is happy just to be on the show and they edited her speech to bits. Lame. With that, MJW informs Ruben that he got the highest score for the second week in a row, which makes sense since he is a former professional dancer.

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