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Ass Your Dance Off

Shayla goes second. She says that she came on this show after being in a four-year-long funk, and it was really frustrating at first. But then as she lost weight and worked out and was able to do the dance moves she couldn't do before, it got better. And let's not forget that she sprained her ankle. Oh no! She had to hug Dr. H! She should win just for that. She's also proud of losing six cup sizes. Damn. Most of us don't even have six cup sizes to lose. But I wonder if her boyfriend is as happy about the loss as she is. Shayla is dancing to "If I Were A Boy." She has a very pretty dress on. The dance is also beautiful, but it seems so slow after Ruben's. Nice boob-grab for the end pose though, Shayla. Classy. Mayte thought it was "really good" but she wanted to see more. Not sure of what, but it's good enough to give Shayla a 9. Lisa thought that Shayla's rumba was more of her lyrical jazz dancing. So she gives her an 8. But Lisa is also the producer of this show and could make up a reason to give any contestant any score she wanted so he or she would win or lose. I'm just saying. Shayla is freaking furious at the 8, by the way. Danny says he normally doesn't like the rumba, but Shayla actually made him love it. Shayla's knees almost buckle. Then he gives her a 9, which is probably not the 10 she was hoping for. It gives her a second dance average of 8.7 and an overall average of 9.

Pinky's turn! She says she's come a long way, both in dancing skill and fitness, since she started on the show. Let's not forget that she couldn't lose weight and was in the bottom two, like, all the time. And let's not also forget that that is totally crazy nutritionist Meg's fault. She's dancing to "All Nite (Don't Stop)." It has a ton of energy at the very start, and Lisa does the best arrhythmic headbob of the series for it! Don't ever change, Lisa! Aw, Pinky's parents are either dancing (Dad) or crying in a dignified manner (Mom). It's very technical and intricate, and Pinky's footwork looks a little shaky at times, but you can't tell that her foot hurts. Until the dance ends, at which point she's immediately in tears and limping over to the judges. MJW and Mr. Lucky ask if she's okay. In between sobs she says "I want my scores!" Pinky rules. Mayte's score will probably be awesome, as she starts by saying she's speechless. But not really, because she follows that up with a speech about how great Pinky's dance was. She gives Pinky a 10. Lisa also gives Pinky a 10. Danny says he's blown away by Pinky's transformation and loves her non-hip-hop dancing even more than her hip-hop. He also gives her a 10. Pinky's second dance average is a 10 and her overall is 9.5.

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Dance Your Ass Off




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