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Back from the break, Tara has been booted from the Couch of Success to make room for the next reveal. That is cold. Miles is up next, and he looked great at the finale so he probably looks awesome now. Yes, he certainly does! I actually let out a "wooow" when I saw him, and I'm home alone. He is SKINNY! MJW says he looks like "a whole new person." He looks like half the person he was, that's for sure. He also lost 90 pounds. We get to see him living his new life back in Salt Lake City. He's making nutritious meals and stocking his cabinets with good, healthy food. He sold his car in favor of riding his new bike everywhere, which is such a good idea unless it rains. He also has a new job. He quit his job as a bartender in favor of leading hiking tours for more exercise. Then he goes home to his family, including a brother who has a shaved head just like him. His sisters have lost 82 and 55 pounds along with him. They talk about how they've been able to move past their father's death from obesity by losing weight. Dance Your Ass Off has saved Miles' entire family! Except his dad, whose grave he visits. Oh dear: it turns out that Miles' last name is "Roadhead." Or at least, that's his father's last name so I'm assuming it's Miles' as well. That alone would make me comfort eat. His dad was only 44 when he died 20 years ago. Oh -- wait a minute -- the last name is actually Broadhead. That's much better. Back in the studio, MJW asks Miles how it felt to watch him at his father's gravesite. Duh, MJW. But at least she actually seemed sincerely caring when she asked. Miles says it's bittersweet because his dad is still dead but the rest of his family isn't sitting around waiting to die from obesity, too, anymore. MJW then asks the important question: what is Miles going to do when winter comes and he doesn't have a car to ride around in? "Probably freeze," Miles says.

MJW asks the rest of the panel what they were most afraid of when they went home. Tara says she was afraid the rest of her family wouldn't "get on board" because they apparently want their mother/wife to be fat and unhappy? She also has some good advice: the key to eating well is to plan, plan, plan! Plan grocery lists, cook food ahead of time, pack a nutritious lunch so that you're never stuck being hungry with only fast food around to eat. Trice, who has been moved off the Couch of Success, says she cleaned out her refrigerator when she went home. I saw some woman on Hoarders do that earlier today. It was bad news.

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