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MJW introduces Pinky next. After Alicia and Miles' amazing 90 pound losses, her 32 pounds isn't as impressive, although she still looks really good, partially because the costumers put a big belt around her waist to hide that it's still kind of big. The costumers for this reunion show are so much better than the people who worked on the real show. Pinky takes a seat on the Couch of Success and says she's still having problems with her foot, which explains why she hasn't lost as much weight as some of the others. MJW reminds Pinky that it came down to just half a pound between winning $100,000 and losing. Pinky says in the end, she wasn't as mad at herself as she thought she would be because she got to dance. And she probably thought she wasn't going to be able to even do that with her foot problem. She mentions Mr. Lucky, whose name still makes me laugh even after eleven episodes, saying he was very supportive.

That leads MJW to introduce a montage of the dance partners and the instrumental part they played in helping the contestants to be so successful. There are good times and bad times with the partners, depending on how demanding they're being. Warren's dance partner is working against some serious odds. And, of course, Paul and Mara get in that big fight. Trice interviews that she probably turned Jesus on because she is that sexy. Considering that in all likelihood Jesus is gay, that is pretty damn impressive. And they show the clip of Brandon smirking and nodding with hisr face on top of his dance partner's crotch twice. MJW asks Trice if she and Jesus "sealed the deal." "Oh no no no no no no no," Trice says. Poor Jesus is in the audience looking mortified, although that might just be because he has to sit next to Dr. H. Brandon explains his awesome nod to the camera by saying that the flip was introduced by his dance partner at the last minute and he was so happy that he got it right that he nodded. Brandon's dance partner has some dating advice for Brandon: "try flipping 'em over." Brandon manages to turn beet red. And, of course, MJW asks Mara if things between her and Paul are okay now. Mara sincerely thanks Paul for all of his help and support and making her look "fantabulous every week." Aw. MJW asks if anyone else has something to say to his partner. Miles announces that he is his dance partner's "bitch" forever. Pinky thanks Mr. Lucky, who lost 7 pounds himself during the show.

After the break, it's Shayla's turn to walk out. She lost 50 pounds and her legs look great, and she managed to keep much of her boobs. You can't ask for much more than that! Like Miles, the cameras went home with Shayla to see her life now. She's eating well and is super-active, dancing during tennis matches! That's double exercise! Of course, her boyfriend is very happy with all of this. "She's sexy," he says. I think that's the most he's ever said on this show. Shayla is now teaching dance classes to children, and in one clip she's actually showing them how to do a move that she did on the show. That's cool. With that, MJW asks Shayla what the biggest change in her body has been and Shayla whips out her old bra, which is freaking massive. Miles looks horrified. He shouldn't, though. Now that Shayla is a smaller cup size, she can give her old bras to Miles to wear as hats. Shayla says she loves her body right now, as well she should.

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