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Back in the theater, MJW says that the last two contestants called, lost the least weight. So the first big loser is Alicia. And there's another clip package, with her working out and practicing and talking some more. She's doing the Cha Cha to "Can't Get You Outta My Head" and acting more goofy than sexy, but she dances it pretty well. Mayte says that she took control, and it was good. She gives her a 9. Lisa Ann says that she is cha cha, whatever that means, but it equals a 10. Danny calls her a comeback queen, and gives her a 10. Her average is 9.7 for this round, but 8.4 for both together. She loses 3.5 pounds, 1.62 percent of her body weight, which makes her total score a 10.02. She starts fake-crying when MJW tells her that she's lost 45 pounds so far.

Next up, and out of the bottom two is Ruben. He dances the Viennese Waltz to "Ordinary Day." I'm not a waltz expert, but he seems to glide around and keep his elbows up, and lifts his partner so easily. Mayte loved it! She gives him a 10. Lisa Ann says he committed to standard ballroom hold, though she wanted it to be a little bit bigger, so she gives him a 9. Danny says it had finesse, thinks it was perfectly sized and he loved it, so he gives it a 10. That averages out to a 9.7, and a 9.2 combined. He loses 7.1 lbs. Holy crap! That's impressive, at this point. It's 2.79 percent of his body weight. That gives him an 11.99 and puts him in the lead. He's lost 66.9 pounds so far, and his top score sends him straight to the finale.

MJW makes her sad face when she announces the bottom two. Pinky goes first with a Cha Cha to "Just Fine." She looks hot in a sparkly silver dress with lots of fringe. She's got some fun moves, but is working the sexy angle and not going for comedy like Alicia. Mayte wonders if Pinky's been sleeping with her heels on, because she's so strong on them, and she had great lines. Lisa Ann agrees and thinks that she's got the best upper body in the competition, although she does say she was a little stompy. Danny says that he's been a fan of hers from the beginning, but he didn't think she could actually win it... until now. She steps on the scale and she's lost 1.9 pounds, which is 1.17 percent of her body weight.

Shayla's last to dance, and her video package says she wants all 10s. She dances the Viennese Waltz to "Fallen" in an emerald green gown. It starts out weird with just some arms swinging from side-to-side, but she looks pretty elegant in hold. Mayte liked the swaying an arm movement, but she wanted more big moves. Lisa Ann says she was in good proper dance hold, but she wanted a little bit more actual waltz. Danny says that on paper it was great, but it was lacking passion. She's pretty much crying as she finds out that she lost 2.1 pounds, or 1.19 percent of her body weight. She does start smiling when she finds out she's lost more than 36 pounds.

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