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Ruben's next up. His boyfriend John and his brother are there to surprise him when he arrives for practice, and John chokes up in his interview when he describes how it felt to see a Ruben for the first time in weeks. Ruben doesn't even notice them at first, but when he does, it's quite a reaction, as you'd expect from Ruben. He hugs John and leaves his brother standing there awkwardly. Dance partner Hilary wipes her eyes in the corner. Aw! John says that Ruben looks great and seems confident again. I guess it doesn't matter that Ruben didn't win the phone call home after all, since everyone got to see his family anyway! Which kind of cheapens it for Alicia, but oh well. Ruben and his truly tacky outfit are dancing to "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." Three seconds into this dance and I can tell you it has too much jazz hands. I think I saw a move from "Thriller," too. Other than that, it's nothing technically amazing or special, as I have a feeling will be the case for all of these '80s dances. Oh! John and the brother made signs! And John's cheers for both Ruben and Hilary, which is sweet. Then again, it was probably made by some PA and not John himself.

Judges: Mayte noticed some flustering in the beginning, but still gives Ruben a 9, which seems to be this week's new average score. Lisa found the dance to feel less organic and natural to her than Ruben's routines usually do, but that's what happens with jazz hands. No one looks natural doing jazz hands! Unless he's wearing mime make-up. She gives him an 8. Danny says he also noticed some hesitation in the beginning but felt like Ruben let go about halfway through and gives him a 9. Ruben's average is an 8.7

Alicia is next, and I can already tell you that she's dancing to "Mickey" based on her cheerleading costume. Anyway, she misses her family a lot. How convenient! Her mother and sister are there to greet her at rehearsal! With flowers! And balloons! Her mother says this is first time she's seen Alicia with a weight loss, and she never thought she'd see her "thin." Wow. Dare to dream, Mom. I'm sure Alicia cherishes your complete lack of faith in her. Alicia cries a lot and her mother says lots of supportive things that just don't mean much after hearing her say she never thought her daughter would be thin. With that, Alicia shows off her dance moves for her family until Mom jumps up to show off her own and steal the spotlight. I think we have a better idea now why Alicia eats like she does.

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