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Cry Your Ass Off

Sure enough, Alicia and Italo are dancing to "Mickey." It's a bit gimmicky, which Danny might not like, but also high-energy and fun. And it works with those huge facial expressions Alicia likes to make. Judges! Mayte loved everything, and gives Alicia a 10. Lisa says the change in Alicia's dancing abilities due to her weight loss are obvious, and then gives this week's crappy score of an 8. Danny dings Alicia for too much running around and mugging and not enough content. He gives her an 8, and then Mom steals the spotlight by shouting out "we're still proud of you, Alicia!" as if a 10 and two 8s were a bad score. It's an average of 8.7. Also, what's with Mayte giving Alicia such a higher score than the other judges?

Finally, it's time for Shayla. She misses her parents, but there are her dad and boyfriend waiting for her at rehearsal! Shayla screams and straddle-hugs her father, which I'm not sure is an appropriate father-daughter hug, really. She doesn't even give her hot boyfriend that kind of attention! Ugh, and now her dad is interrupting rehearsal to give her boring fatherly advice about controlling her own destiny and finishing on top. She's dancing to "Girls Just Want To Have Fun." It's a bit gimmicky, but has plenty of the technical content that Danny should like. Judges: Mayte warns Shayla to have fun on the stage while she's being focused on the prize, then gives her a 10. Lisa starts talking about stuff that didn't even happen during the dance and thus has no place here and says she loved it all, but not enough to give it a 10. She gets a 9. Danny says it's the best '80s dance of the night, but that's only worth a 9 because I have a feeling Danny hates the '80s. Shayla's average is a 9.3.

After the family rehearsal surprise, contestants and family members returned to the main loft to meet each other and have a lunch of each contestant's favorite meals made healthy. Ruben has some tomatoes and low-cal mozzarella, Shayla busts out that Arroz con Pollo she learned how to make a healthier version of a few weeks back. Alicia commits a party foul with wheat pasta, which everyone knows tastes like shit. And Pinky, of course, made dessert. Everything looks good, but then the meal is ruined by the arrival of MJW. "The beautiful Marissa comes in and surprises us," Pinky interviews as no doubt MJW hands her a twenty off-camera. John is positively star-struck, as he saw MJW when she was in Hairspray on Broadway. "Can you believe she got this far?" MJW asks Alicia's family. Harsh! Sister Robin says she cried for two days when she heard. "So has she. Don't worry," MJW spits back. Oh snap! When you take MJW out of the tight dresses, she's a little firecracker! "She's cried a lot. Alicia's been crying since she got here," she continues. Then she takes off without even sitting down for a bite. Shayla stands to propose a toast to their journey and crap. She says when you meet people's families, you really find out what they're about. Shayla, who is somehow now the leader of the group, then announces that the meal was great but it's time to work out. Why can't we spend more time with the contestants like this every week?

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Dance Your Ass Off




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