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The next person to dance is also the last person to miss the dreaded bottom two, so it's very important. And it's not going to be Pinky. I mean, come on. Sure enough, much to Ruben's obvious surprise, it's Shayla. Oh shit -- Ruben is giving her dead crazy eyes. Shayla, her dad, and her boyfriend met with crazy Meg. Apparently, Shayla's hot boyfriend is also some kind of athlete, so he eats six thousand calories a day and that tempts Shayla to eat a lot, too. Meg mumbles something about portion sizes and that's it. Shayla and Mario are dancing to "Back to Black." Wait -- another Amy Winehouse song? Are all her songs written in the foxtrot rhythm or something? And why would it matter if they were? It's not like this show hasn't picked songs that totally didn't match the dance at all before. Anyway, this is a sad song, so Shayla has a sad face. She ends the dance with Mario's face in her hands and her boyfriend watches from the audience and forgets to hold up his sign. Judges: Mayte says Shayla looks beautiful but didn't push her extensions enough. Then she gives her a 9. Lisa thinks the dance was too sad for a foxtrot and perhaps better suited for a waltz, not enough floor was covered, and there were a few missteps because Shayla wasn't connected to Mario like she should be (possibly because her boyfriend is watching) and thus can't feel him leading. Shayla thinks she's going to get a 5 or something, but she gets a 8, and she's very happy with that. Danny thought the dance lacked energy and Shayla didn't have enough support in her upper body. But still, it gets her an 8. Shayla's second dance average is an 8.3 and her overall dance average is an 8.8. On the scale, she lost 4.5 pounds for a percentage of 2.48. It also means that Alicia kicked ass in the weight loss half of the show this week. Shayla's overall total is an 11.28. Shayla cries a lot about how she found herself again on this show and loves her dad a lot and she's starting to cry more than Alicia these days. Toughen up, Shayla!

Pinky is the first of the bottom two to go. She took her brothers to her gym to show them some of her work out activities, thereby lessening the amount of working out she had time for this week and putting her in the bottom two. Whoops! They ran out of Amy Winehouse songs, so she'll be dancing to "Isn't She Lovely." The dance comes with props, as Mr. Lucky begins the routine with a cane. They look a bit off with the footwork, but Pinky really looks graceful and beautiful. Judges: Mayte loved Pinky's arms and she and Lisa thought Pinky looked gorgeous tonight. Lisa says this is Pinky's coming out party. As in, debutante coming out. But Pinky's steps were small and too careful, although her upper body was great. Danny praises Pinky's transformation over the weeks, but didn't see the foxtrot element of the dance because the moves weren't big enough. Pinky gets on the scale, and she lost 3.7 pounds, which is pretty good. It's 2.22 percent, which is pretty close to the girls in the top two.

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Dance Your Ass Off




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