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Next up is Rob Kardashian. As far as I'm concerned, he's useless, too. While I can sort of appreciate the Kardashians for having something that the American public... enjoys? Responds to? Likes to laugh about? Okay, I don't get the Kardashians AT ALL, except I kind of dig Khloe for some reason. But this guy? Useless. I even like Brody Jenner! And I can't get behind Rob. But maybe he will win me over? Aaaaaand, I just watched his rehearsal footage and he won't. He's lazy, and not even trying, which was the same problem that Kim had on this show. She was so afraid of looking dumb that she never let loose and just danced. Rob's rehearsal footage is horrendous, although I did enjoy watching Cheryl yell at him.

Was that it? Will he be awful? Let's watch his Viennese waltz and find out. He has really, really good arm extension, which helps a lot. His footwork is terrible. No, make that TURRRRIBLE. Like Charles Barkley style terrible. Cheryl is no dummy, though, and she puts in lots and lots of arm waves and very little footwork. And he smiles, which is nice, but he licks his lips a lot, which is creepy. Judges: Bruno think Rob looked petrified and needs to let go and feel the music. Carrie Ann disagrees and thinks there were things to like and things he needs to work on. Len agrees that it wasn't all bad, and they all mention that his arms were good. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 5, Bruno 5. Hmm. That was actually a little lower than I thought it might be, but not crazy.

Kristin Cavallari. Despite watching most seasons of The Hills and Laguna Beach (I even recapped it for a while), I don't have strong feelings about her. I kind of liked her in the last season of Laguna; I thought she had spunk. I didn't watch when LC left The Hills and she came on because of a personal Speidi boycott, so I don't know about that. She seems kind of real. As real as a reality star can be, I guess. But here's the problem. She's partnered with Mark and I HAAAAAAATE Mark Ballas. Kristin looks good in the rehearsal footage, so her cha cha should be interesting, if Mark choreographed it well and isn't just going to show off his stupid moves.

Kristin has a pretty smile. I'll say that for her. Her moves are okay, but there's something weird going on with her legs. I don't know if she's not bending her knees at the right times, but her legs look like they are going to snap in two any second. She looks like a newborn colt. And she's not placing her feet decisively. She does well with the arm and head movements, and she can shake her butt, but Mark clearly choreographed around her weak footwork because the whole second half of the routine, she's just standing there and not moving, which doesn't seem very cha cha. Judges? Carrie Ann compliments her figure, and says she thinks Kirstin has great potential, but she needs to work on not shuffling her feet around when she's supposed to be standing still. Len liked that it was full of choreography, but he thought Kristin went more all out in rehearsal than she did on the ballroom floor. Bruno thinks that Kristin needs to fix her turns and she needs to hit the moves with precision, but she's got the hotness in spades. Totally agree with the judges there. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 6 and Bruno 6. That's fair, since they have to give them room to improve.

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