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Oh, I so wanted to be Chynna Phillips back in the day. I loved her short hair, and she got to sing for a living, and she was married to the super-hot Billy Baldwin. I actually saw them in person -- Mama Baldwin lives in Syracuse and the family is spotted around town now and then. Some of them came into the bookstore where I worked during the holidays and my husband helped Chynna find some children's books. He said she was unnaturally beautiful in person, though this was fifteen years ago, to be fair. Anyway, I'm bound to like her, even though I'm not the world's biggest Tony fan, and he's her partner. Plus, she's a total klutz in rehearsal. I actually don't mind Tony until he gets all, "They are scoring us unfairly," which bugs me.

They will be doing the Viennese waltz. She's incredibly graceful, and when she's dancing on her own, it's amazing. There's something weird about her posture in hold, though. It's not terrible, it's just...weird. It's the one thing that keeps her from looking like a pro, but I can't pinpoint it. But when she's not in hold, she looks really great, and has amazing balance for someone who is over 40. She must do a lot of yoga. Len says it wasn't the best Viennese waltz he's ever seen, but it was up there. Bruno loved the musicality and character, although she had a few moments of unsteadiness, which were probably due to nerves. Carrie Ann thought it was gorgeous and agrees that any wobbliness was due to nerves. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7 and Bruno 7. Again, they have to give them room to improve. That same routine in a few weeks would have gotten 9s easily.

Ooh, y'all. Nancy Grace is up next. The stylists have curled her hair a bit and it makes her whole face look younger and prettier. She should wear her hair like that at all times. That severe bob she usually rocks makes her look all pinchy. I have never been a Nancy Grace fan. My best friend is easily influenced, and when her kids were young, she was always convinced they were five seconds from being kidnapped. I finally talked to her about it, and she admitted to watching Nancy Grace every night. I told her to STOP WATCHING -- I think I said, "Don't feed the fire," and her anxiety about it totally disappeared. I'm sure she's not the only one, and I think Ms. Grace does not actually raise awareness; I think she creates false anxiety. But that's a thesis for another day. However, that being said, she's kind of charming in her rehearsal footage. She's real. If this version of her personality were on her show every night, well, I wouldn't watch it, but I might hate it less.

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