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Moves Like Jagger?

So they have the cha cha. And it doesn't start well. They're dancing to "Moves Like Jagger" and Carson is all over the place. His steps are too big, and his arms are too wide and he's just flailing about. But he is having SO MUCH FUN. And that is fun to watch, even if the technique isn't there. He throws in some Jagger moves, which I loved, and after that segment, he reins it in a bit. If he can somehow figure out how to channel his energy into his face and not his arms and legs, he might be okay. But that was terrible, technique-wise. Carrie Ann says it was her favorite dance on the night, and she loved his sparkle, even if he had no technique. Len saw Jagger, swagger and stagger, and he loved watching him have fun and embracing the dance. Bruno thought it was outrageous fun. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 5 and Bruno 6. They get some boos from the audience, but it was fair.

JR Martinez was in the Army and was injured in Iraq, including severe burns to his face. He's now on a soap, and admits that he has had 33 surgeries and he's proud of his scars. Look, I don't go in for that sappy inspirational crap, but that is fucking amazing. He's partnered with Karina, and she's excited to work with him. They do have a lot of spills during rehearsals, though.

Their Viennese waltz is to "Breakway" by Kelly Clarkson, which is one of my favorite songs. Shut up. I like it. Wow, he's really good. Really, really good. Like, I don't really see any major flaws in their routine, other than they might have an illegal lift. But wow. I thought that was really good. Len thinks JR stands for just right, and he's sure JR will be back next week. Bruno can't believe how well he did for someone who never danced before, and he's one of the best tonight. Carrie Ann was touched by the performance, and he connected with the audience. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7 and Bruno 7. He's tied with Chynna; I think he will do better with the Latin than she will.

Derek is back! I'm kind of excited. He's with Ricki Lake, who kind of seems more interested in losing weight than dancing. But she also admits she's intimidated by Derek's former partners. I mean, who wouldn't be intimidated by Shannon Elizabeth? Ha, just kidding. Ricki knows she'll be compared to Jennifer Grey, and that's a tough comparison.

Their Viennese waltz is very pretty but kind of conventional. It needed something more to differentiate it from Chynna's, which was memorable. This seemed pedestrian. Ricki does a great job of showing her emotion in her face, but she has to watch her posture and her expressions need to be bigger. But her footwork is good, and she is graceful, so that's something. Judges? Bruno thought it was beautiful, and Carrie Ann thought the connected really well and seemed as one. Len didn't like her footwork but he did like the elegance and fluidity. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 6 and Bruno 7.

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