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Moves Like Jagger?

The final dance is the one that everyone's been waiting for, Chaz Bono. Here's what I have to say about the controversy: who gives a shit? Can he dance? That's what I care about, and I don't get why anyone gets upset about the body he was born with versus the body he has now, and what parts he has. He's partnered with Lacey, which is probably good for him, because she's goofy. Chaz admits that he's overweight and struggles with that.

So weight and gender issues aside, how is the dancing? It starts out a little rough, but he seems VERY nervous. And who wouldn't be after the media coverage this week? His footwork is decent, though, and he has a ton of energy and a great attitude. And he's not AWFUL or anything. I think he will do well with the quickstep or something more regimented. He does better in the second half, when Lacey seems to rein him back in. And he has tears in his eyes at the end, and fuck off, because that's touching. That was huge for him, to go on a highly-rated show and expose himself to potential ridicule. I hate how I talk myself into rooting for people like Chaz and David Arquette. Anyway. Judges? Carrie Ann knows that people have been waiting to see this, and he can dance. She liked his footwork and his joy. Len thinks Chaz came out to enjoy himself, and he did. He had good footwork and a great attitude. Bruno thinks Chaz was cute and cuddly, and he had great timing as well. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 5 and Bruno 6.

Unlike the last few seasons, someone is going home tomorrow night. I think it will be Elisabetta, but who knows? Here are the scores:

Chynna and Tony: 22

JR and Karina: 22

Hope and Maks: 21

Ricki and Derek: 20

Kristin and Mark: 19

David and Kym: 18

Carson and Anna: 17

Chaz and Lacey: 17

Rob and Cheryl: 16

Nancy and Tristan: 16

Elisabetta and Val: 15

Ron and Peta: 14

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