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Cheryl and Cristian start rehearsing the rumba. At first, Cristian has trouble learning how to make his moves look masculine. Then, he has trouble with acting romantic towards Cheryl, because he normally treats her like a sister. This leads to a fantasy sequence where Cristian imagines being in a telenovela with Cheryl, and while this is dumb, it's better than going to Sea World. The dance itself is okay, but I think I just don't get the rumba. It doesn't seem to have distinctive moves like the other dances, or if it does, I don't know what they are. Len thinks it was a competent rumba and when the audience boos, he adds that it wasn't "gruesome." Well, that's damning with faint praise: "No one was killed by your dance, so that's good." Len admits that it's a difficult dance. Bruno thinks they have great chemistry, but that (as with Priscilla), the walking around the floor can showcase flaws in the movement. Carrie Ann was surprised that it wasn't erotic. Can she say that on a family show? Cristian adds that he couldn't get too sexy on a prime time network show. I mean, really -- did she think he was going to grab Cheryl's boobs or something? Cheryl's barely wearing any clothes as it is. Anyway, it's time for scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 8, and Bruno 8, for a total of 23 out of 30. Backstage, Christian seems pissed off and annoyed. I think that's part of his problem; he just seems too intense. I've heard and seen him interviewed elsewhere and he seems funny and easygoing so I don't know what happens when he's on the dance floor.

Marlee and Fabian managed to make Carrie Ann cry last week, through the majesty of their dancing. This week, Marlee and Fabian went to Mexico to fit children with hearing aids. I'm kind of surprised to see Marlee getting into that, since there are such political ramifications to hearing aids in the Deaf community. As my husband, whose sister is Deaf just said, "Aw, now those kids are not broken anymore. Thank God they're now normal human beings." Anyway, Marlee and Fabian have some trouble in rehearsal, as every couple does every week, until it's time for their samba. Marlee seems to have a little more trouble with this routine, at least in the beginning. She's off and seems to almost trip over her feet a few times. Marlee has this weird facial expression she's making that is different than I've ever seen her do before -- I think she's going for a sexy growl, but it looks more like a grimace. This was not their best.

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