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The rumba begins with Edyta walking around and...ooh, they're dancing to "You're All I Need to Get by," which is a great song choice. Jason's hip movements are better than either Marlee's or Shannon's. I don't know what that means, but it looks good. He's still got great lines too. They weirdly cut to Len in the middle of the routine, and he's like grinning crazily. Edyta throws in a couple of her contortionist's moves and it all adds up to a great routine. And Jason didn't even look at his feet that much.

Bruno wonders how Jason can be so big and so light, and he loved the hip action. Carrie Ann thought the chemistry was off the hook, and that it was fantastic. Len likes the naturalness of Jason's moves, but he's not a fan of Edyta's poses where Jason does nothing. I agree with that -- Jason's a good dancer, so why not let him do it! Ooh, and Tom announces the group dance coming up, which is my favorite, because I always hope people will run into each other. So the scores are: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Hmm. I thought this was way better than last week. Maybe I just loved the song more.

So that standings are:
Kristi and Mark: 29
Mario and Karina: 27
Jason and Edyta: 27
Marissa and Tony: 24
Christian and Cheryl: 23
Derek and Shannon: 23
Marlee and Fabian: 22
Priscilla and Louis: 21

My prediction for tomorrow night's evictee? Priscilla and Louis. I think people will cut Marlee and Shannon some slack despite their low scores. I'm going on vacation so there'll be a sub for tomorrow night's results show -- see you guys next week!

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