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Last night, there was a disastrous group dance, and frankly, most of the couple dances were pretty terrible too, save for Kristi's and Mario's efforts. But tonight, we get to send one more couple packing, and it's all going to be LIIIIIIIVE!

After reviewing last night's routines, Tom asks Len what dance he would like to see again. To the surprise of no one, since everyone was already wearing their Western outfits, Len wants to see the group dance again. I think I forgot to mention last night that it was done to the tune of "Cotton-Eyed Joe" and suddenly I feel like I'm at a Yankee game. The whole routine is a bit less messy than last night, and thankfully they change the camera angle when Marissa is flipping over so we don't get an eyeful of her butt and thighs like we did last night. Mario and Karina's is still the best trick, especially since Jason and Edyta's is not nearly as smooth as last night. I did enjoy the interplay between Kristi and Jason. Jason is actually a decent actor!

Now Ashlee Simpson is here to perform. She doesn't sound like herself at all. She sounds like Gwen Stefani. Wow, her engagement ring is GIGANTIC! She's gotten much better at lip-synching since the SNL debacle.

Samantha and Tom recap the leader board from last night as we see each couple react. Shannon is SOBBING in her confessional and Derek calls her "honey" and asks why she's so upset. Shannon is more upset by the critique than the scores. She really needs to toughen up. Not just for this show, but for life. How does she work in Hollywood with that attitude? Her attitude should be, "Eff Carrie Ann. I know I can dance." I mean, it's not like she plans to be a professional dancer, so who cares?

It's time to reveal some results. The first couple that will be back next week is...Shannon and Derek! Oh, thank God they revealed that first. I thought Shannon might have a nervous breakdown. The first couple that will be in the bottom two is...Marlee and Fabian. Well, no shocker there. Marlee kind of shrugs, which is the exact right reaction.

Backstage, Samantha asks Marlee how she hopes to deal with doing two dances next week if she makes it through. Marlee says she totally will be up for whatever. Derek has a ton of lipstick kisses on his face and everyone laughs. Shannon apologizes for getting so heated last night, but explains that they have a lot of passion. Samantha snarks, "You can definitely see the passion." Samantha! With the quip! Unscripted!

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