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Dust In The Wind

So who else is staying through to next week? Marissa and Tony. How about one more couple? Christian and Cheryl. Wow. That means either Mario, Jason, or Kristi is in the bottom two.

Backstage, Marissa and Christian are interviewed with their partners. Christian can't even answer Samantha's questions because he's so overwhelmed with the idea of being safe. Marissa and Tony refuse to name anyone that they think should be going home this week. No one will talk to her, so Samantha tries to throw it back to Tom, at least until she realizes that she was supposed to throw it to commercial. Oops.

Okay, did anyone else get a quick glimpse of a screen that said, "The Mole was here" during that commercial break? I am so excited for that show to come back, I can't even tell you. I wish Anderson Cooper were hosting still, but I understand he's too big and fancy now.

Tom welcomes us back and it's time to reveal who else is in the bottom two. Kristi and Mark are safe. Jason and Edyta are also safe. Aw, Jason seemed really worried. He's really into this competition. Anyway, that means that Mario and Karina are in the bottom two.

Tom reminds Marlee and Fabian and Mario and Karina that one of them is going home. And going home is...Marlee and Fabian. Well, as I said in last night's weecap, it kind of seemed like it was time. Marlee was awesome, but she just couldn't keep up.

Samantha tries to interview Marlee, who thanks the judges and Fabian, as well as her family. She also thanks Henry Winkler for his support, and the fans. Fabian thanks Marlee for making his first season a great experience. Tom Bergeron says that he and Marlee have known each other for years, and he wants to step out of the host role and tell her that he's proud of her. Aw. Tom.

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