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Let's Get It On

Their routine is technically very impressive, but it's just not exciting to me. I can appreciate how difficult the choreography is, but it just leaves me cold. Carrie Ann thinks it was the best routine of the season. Len loved it too. Bruno loved the performance aspect, not to mention the technical proficiency. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10. The first perfect score of the season. Mark lifts Kristi into the air and nearly exposes her business to the audience.

Hey, Paula Abdul is in the audience! If she were to be on the show next season, as has been rumored, I would hate to hear the cries of "ringer". Although it would be entertaining to see her stumble and slur her way through the routines.

Mario and Karina almost caught up to Kristi and Mark last week, and Mario hopes to take the lead this week. Mario and Karina rehearse their rumba. Mario takes a moment out to call his little brother, who is ADORABLE, and I want him to be on the show every week.

Their rumba starts to "Let's Get It On." Hmm. Subtle. There's a lot of them sliding up against each other, and there are a lot of moves that seem like they could be called lifts. At one point, you can see the judges in the background fanning themselves because the routine is so hot. It just seemed like a lot of grinding and not much dancing.

Len starts off by saying that he doesn't want to see them get it on in the ballroom. He thought it was too sexual and not romantic enough. Bruno accuses him of being "crusty and stiffy." I think he meant stuffy. And then during his comments he says something about eating something and gets bleeped. Carrie Ann thinks it was better than good sex, but points out the lift. Thank you! I was wondering if I had imagined that. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 10. I bet they would have had a perfect score if not for the lift. They really need to enforce that or not; it's ridiculous that one judge deducts a point for something and then another doesn't. Ri-goddamn-diculous.

Now we get to see the rehearsal for the group dance, which is going to have a Western theme. There will be two groups: the outlaws and the sheriffs. Kristi is the leader of the sheriffs, and Jason is the leader of the outlaws. They learn the routines, but then the crash mat comes out so that they can practice the lifts that they're finally allowed to do in this routine. Everyone tries to outdo each other on the tricks and lifts in order to garner votes. This could be awesome, or a disaster. Or an awesome disaster.

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