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So here we go! It starts with all of the men fake fighting, and then the women come out and it turns into kind of a square dance. They form a tunnel. First through are Shannon and Derek. At the end, Shannon flips Derek, and then he throws her around his body a few times, which is impressive since she's like a foot taller than him. Next through are Marissa and Tony. He picks her up and twirls her around and then she does a really ungraceful backbend. And then all of the guys pick up the women and kind of throw them and it's really sad because Tony can barely toss Marissa while all of the other women go flying.

Kristi and Mark come through the tunnel next and do like a hundred spins, and then he flips her around and loses his hat in the process. Marlee and Fabian are up next. They do some weird one-legged turn and then she hops on his back and he twirls. I don't know if she was scared to do a real trick, but that was kind of lame. After another hoedown interlude, Mario and Karina are next through the tunnel. Their lift is the only one that looks like dancing so far; he lifts her onto his shoulder so it looks like she's flying, and spins her around. Cheryl and Christian are next; she puts her legs around his waist while she's facing forward and then touches her hands to the ground and then up in the air a few times. It doesn't sound that exciting but it has to take an incredibly strong back on her part, because he's not doing any of the work. Jason and Edyta finally get to do their trick; she straddles one of his shoulders, facing outward, and he spins her around without holding her with his hands. It looks scary, especially when you consider how tall he is. They all end in a big pose with the women on the floor and the men standing.

Bruno said it wasn't always in perfect sync, but he loved it. Carrie Ann thought it was kind of chaotic, but she liked the women's part the best. Len thought it was fun and energetic, and he points out Jason and Mario's lifts as the best. He's totally right. I thought Shannon and Derek's trick was the most ambitious but they kind of screwed it up.

Final standings:
Kristi and Mark: 30
Mario and Karina: 28
Christian and Cheryl: 27
Jason and Edyta: 24
Shannon and Derek: 24
Marlee and Fabian: 21

So who's going? I'm torn. I think Marlee has been faltering the past few weeks, but I also think that people want to see her succeed. I would say Christian, but his scores were pretty high. I'm going to say Christian, just because he's been in the bottom two before, so he clearly doesn't have a huge fanbase. See you tomorrow night!

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Dancing With The Stars




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