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Last week, Jason finally knocked Kristi off the lead, and he wants to stay there. Jason admits that he and Edyta have an advantage when it comes to lift, because he's a giant. Jason felt goofy when doing the samba, so Edyta decided to go completely goofy and made him wear a wig, frilly shirt, and maracas. And then she made him get a spray tan! Why? Anyway, their first routine is the tango. Jason starts out with some fairly complicated footwork, and does a great job staying in character throughout. And avoids looking at his feet mostly! They add in some lifts, but they seem in character to me, but what do the judges think? Len starts out by criticizing the routine for being too much of an Argentine tango and Bruno totally interrupts to tell him he's on crack, basically, and that the couple is too beautiful together, and that Edtya has never danced better. Jason shakes Bruno and Len's hands. Carrie Ann thinks Bruno is scary, but she thought Jason brought even more posturing and character to this routine. I might even say that this was their best routine yet. Tom's trying to give a preview of tomorrow night's show but Bruno is still mumbling to himself. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 10 for a total of 29. And then Bruno and Carrie Ann smack Len with their paddles. Samantha tries to position it as a Jason/Kristi showdown in round two, but Jason is a gentleman and says that everyone has been working really hard.

Cristian is dancing this week, despite having a ruptured bicep tendon, which is just gross. Cheryl says it will be a challenge to choreograph a routine that will disguise his injury. And yet Cristian still wants to do a lift, which seems foolhardy at worst and ill-advised at best. He declares in rehearsal that they're working with one hand and two hearts. Don't Cheryl's hands count? Anyway, they're doing a tango to "Beat It" by Michael Jackson. My husband says that he thinks it looks more Argentine than ballroom to him. I'm getting worried about him. Cheryl is working her ass off to make this tango look interesting, but she can't disguise that she's dancing around Cristian even more than usual. They do manage to pull off a lift, and I'm quite impressed considering the one-handedness. But the routine as a whole left me cold. Somehow I don't find Cristian's bravery quite the same as, say, Marlee's. Bruno says that they have to judge what they see, and don't give him a handicap or anything, and yet it was a perfect tango. Carrie Ann says that she saw nothing wrong with it either. Len compliments Cheryl's choreography. Maybe I just don't get the tango, because I didn't think that was so great. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 9 for a total of 28. Cristian goes NUTS over the 10, and Cheryl is worried he's going to hurt himself more celebrating.

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