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Ugh. Kate. I don't even want to get started on how much she bugs me. Everything about her. Her stupid hair. Her bitchy attitude. Her victimhood. I hope she's really terrible. Her partner is Tony, who also bugs me, so I can root against them easily. In rehearsal, Tony has to ask Kate if she really wants to be there, which tells me that she was being a super bitch to him. Or maybe I'm projecting. Anyway, they are doing the Viennese waltz. It's really amazing how Kate looks like a different person with the hair extensions. Anyway, Tony has made a routine where Kate doesn't have to do much actual dancing, which is good. Oof. Someone needed to teach her how to point her toe when she kicks her leg out. Her footwork is bad. But at least she smiles throughout and she doesn't seem to forget the steps.

Len thinks her nerves showed through, and she needs to enjoy it more. Bruno knows it's a whole new world, but her technique was terrible and she didn't perform. Kate has a poker face throughout and Tom tells Bruno he lacks tact. Carrie Ann knows that Kate isn't a performer or an athlete, and she did well anyway. Kate just can't hide how pissed off she is at all. You know she wants to start yelling at them. She just has bitch face all of the time. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 5, and Bruno 5. Kate has to bring up her kids in her interview, even though it totally feels shoehorned in. No one cares, Kate.

Pamela Anderson is last, and her partner is the new pro, Damian. Pam tells him that she has no dance experience and no rhythm. They're doing the cha cha, and Pam knows nothing about choreography either. Damian tries to get Pam to feel more confident, since he thinks she's better than she gives herself credit for. So how is their cha cha? Well, you know they put her last to get the dudes to stay tuned until the end of the show. And I know Pam's boobs get all the attention, but she's got great legs too. And she's a really good dancer! Damn! I was expecting her to be bad. I mean, there are things she can work on, but her footwork is snappy and she's got great rhythm.

Bruno tells her she's sexy and he keeps rambling about how hot she is. Carrie Ann was waiting to see her, and she didn't disappoint, and she seemed like she was having fun out there. Tom jokes that he feels twelve years old, and everyone is under Pam's sexy spell. Len wants to say that everyone tonight was brilliant, and then tells Pam that her routine was messy and off time, but sexy. Also, I think Pam might be drunk based on her actions backstage. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 6, and Bruno 8. The judges all toss their hair around when giving their scores. Pam is really loopy. More than usual. Interesting.

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