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So overall, I'm still rooting for Niecy and Chad, but was unexpectedly impressed by Pam and Shannen. No one else really set me on fire, but they have another dance to do next week, and sometimes people break out once their first dance nerves are out of the way. And Brooke Burke was okay, but I feel like she's competent. At least with Samantha, there was always the chance (well, less of a chance and more of a sure bet) that she'd do something weird and I kind of miss that edge. There's no pleasing me. See you next week. Here are your scores:

Nicole and Derek: 25

Evan and Anna: 23

Erin and Maks: 21

Pam and Damian: 21

Jake and Chelsie: 20

Chad and Cheryl: 18

Shannen and Mark: 18

Niecy and Louis: 18

Kate and Tony: 16

Aiden and Edyta: 15

Buzz and Ashly: 14

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