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Am I the only one or is this show kind of like Chinese food? Like you watch it for two or three hours a week and then completely forget about it until it's on again? I don't think about this show AT ALL in the days off, and then when it's on, I am glued to the screen. I guess it's kind of the opposite of a show like Lost in that respect. Anyway, it's on now and it is LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

So in case you don't follow the gossip when the show's not on, pretty much every single celebrity is rumored to be dating his or her pro. Are any of them? Probably. Would they ever go public with it? Only if they thought it would help them get votes. Or if the show's publicist told them to. Anyway, the band is doing a different version of the theme song where instead of horns playing the melody, singers are scatting it. I feel like I suddenly got dropped into the middle of an episode of Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego?. Um, Damian totally has his hand on Pam Anderson's ass. When he sees the camera on them, he moves it up slightly. I guess some of those "dating" rumors might actually be true.

Okay, I know Shannen Doherty has always had kind of weird teeth but they are getting weirder. Has she always had that space between her front teeth? Why would you add that in if you're not Madonna? And why did she? In rehearsals for this week's jive, Shannen talks about wanting to simplify the routine after the judges' comments last week. Shannen freaks out when she thinks Mark is making things too complicated and I know sometimes the drama is manufactured but this feels pretty real. Shannen's not that good of an actress and Mark's definitely not that good of an actor. She seems pretty sick of him and he seems fed up with her. Interesting. Anyway, their jive does has a lot of steps and Mark is wearing his stupid Michael Jackson glitter socks with short pants that he ALWAYS wears. I am so sick of that look. It wasn't cool when he first started wearing it and it's not cool now. There's something unsettling about seeing such a smiley Shannen. She looks like she might rip my throat out. She scares me. She does a good job with the choreography but she's still in her head a bit much, and while it is complicated, it lacks energy. Overall, it's an improvement over last week, though.

Len thought it was fun but lacked a little control at times. Shannen seems to agree. Bruno also thought it was better, although her technique could improve a bit. He liked how she engaged with the audience. Carrie Ann admits that Mark was right to push Shannen harder instead of making things simpler. Shannen looks really genuinely happy with what she heard, probably because they gave her specific things to work on. I think Brooke Burke's features are way too small for her head, but it's only obvious in profile. She just has a really weird profile. I can't stop staring at it. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 6, and Bruno 7. Shannen looks happy with the sevens.

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