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Aiden got bad scores last week, and was disappointed. This week, they have the foxtrot, and Aiden is having the problem the stars have every season at this time -- he had a long time to work on his first routine, and not as long to work on this one. Wait, didn't they know from the beginning what their two routines were? Why only start working on the second after performing the first. Ooh, Aiden and Edyta had a blowup in rehearsal. Edyta was being impatient with him and he called her on it and Edyta stormed out. I believe that was real too. I believe that they're all getting frustrated with each other this week. Anyway, their foxtrot is way better than last week's routine. Aiden will never be a great dancer, but he does have some charisma and he's not terrible. Bruno was on crack when he compared him to Kenny Mayne. During one turn, Edyta clocks him in the jaw with her elbow. Oops. But he recovers quickly. I mean, he's not great, but there have been way worse.

Bruno compliments Aiden's footwork and frame but says he needs to stay focused. Carrie Ann thinks that Aiden let go and danced this week instead of thinking so hard, and it worked better. Len loved the footwork but wanted to see more flow. All the judges saw the improvement. Backstage (is it even backstage anymore? Above stage? Over stage?), Brooke tries to get them to talk about their fight, but they just keep talking about how Edyta elbowed him in the face. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 6, and Bruno 6.

Evan and Anna did well last week but the judges admit that they have high expectations of him, and this week he has the jive. Evan acted really goofy in rehearsal, to Anna's surprise. After a clip package showing Evan taking Anna to his hometown, Evan reads woodenly from a cue card about how he and Anna are closer than ever. I hope he wasn't planning to parlay that Olympic gold into a television career, because he is terrible in front of the camera when he's not skating. Well, color me surprised. Their jive is actually really good. Anna did a fantastic job choreographing to suit Evan's long arms and legs, and he has a lot of natural rhythm. I mean, no one would be surprised that he can recall complex choreography, but I am surprised that he executed it so well. There were a few times when he should have pointed a toe here and there, but overall it was well done.

Carrie Ann loved the energy and thinks that they really made a connection with one another. Len was happy to see Evan do well with the jive since it's normally a dance for shorter people, but adds that he needs to work on his feet. Bruno thought the partner work was great, but he needs to point his toes. I think I could be a judge on this show. I'm getting pretty good at finding the things that the judges will point out. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Backstage, Anna tells Brooke that Evan likes cheesecake and Brooke says that you can eat a lot of it when you're on this show. Then she holds the mic out to Evan but since she didn't actually ask a question, he doesn't say anything and then Brooke does this horrible fake laugh and it's all very awkward. I thought no one could be worse than Samantha but at least she could goofily cover up her gaffes.

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