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Shock and Awe

So who's going home, Pam or Shannen? And it's... Shannen and Mark. I feel badly for Shannen; she was way better than about half the couples. But I'm kind of glad that Mark will be gone. In her exit interview, Shannen says that she knows she's not a dancer, and then they reveal that Mark is injured and would have had to take six weeks off anyway, so Shannen would have danced with Mark's dad Corky. THANK GOD WE WERE SPARED THAT! As much as Mark bugs me, Corky bugs me even more. Shannen seems happy that she got to dance for her dad, but also happy that she's done, so I guess it's not so bad. And maybe people will vote for anyone but Kate next week and get her off. Although I'm enjoying the trainwreck, just a little. But not for too long. No Master P, please.

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