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Last night, the couples were told to tell a story with their dances. Most of them took that to mean they should wear elaborate costumes and use props. I preferred the ones that told an emotional story, but then again, I think that every routine should tell an emotional story. And no, Kate, that doesn't mean "Stomp your feet like a horse and knit your brow." Someone will go home tonight, and Tom doesn't promise us a shocking elimination, at least not yet. So maybe it is Kate or Buzz? Those would be least shocking based on the judges' scores. We'll find out LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Brooke and Tom welcome us and Brooke says that tonight might be unpredictable. MIGHT be. But we get to find out a safe couple first, and that is... Aiden and Edyta. She looks shocked. I think they revealed them first because no one cares. Also coming back next week are Erin and Maks. Of course. Everyone wants to see them do it on the dance floor for real. Do you think anyone has told Kate about her bitchface? Like my default face apparently looks sort of annoyed, because the corners of my mouth turn down. Someone once told me I look like Rosie O'Donnell, which sounds like an insult, but this was back when she was doing her daytime show, so maybe it's not as bad as it sounds? But I do have Rosie's mouth, and it makes me look annoyed when I'm really just neutral. Anyway, I'm babbling about this to say that people have a default expression that is meant to convey neutral emotion, and Kate's is bitchface. Or as we used to call one girl from my high school, "Whuh the fuh?" Because her neutral face looked like she smelled something bad and was asking what the fuck was up with that. Anyway. Someone should tell her. If she had any friends and hadn't alienated her entire family, maybe they would.

During the review of last night's routines, there isn't a lot of interesting information given. Kate was proud of herself, although she doesn't explain why. Because she didn't fall down? Ugh, when they show a little clip of her dance, it's just horrible and clunky. Len admits that he overscored Erin and Maks because looking back he didn't think there was enough waltz content, and wishes that he had given them a 6 instead of a 7. He got caught up in the chemistry, I guess.

Evan and Anna get the nod for the encore performance. I'm glad to see them get some recognition because I feel like they kind of got swept under the rug since they went first. Their performance tonight is as good or better than last night, and it was an actual quickstep, DEREK.

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