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Space Cowboy

After reviewing the three remaining couples, Tom reveals that Buzz and Ashly are in the bottom two. People boo. Really? You're really surprise that these two are in the bottom two? The other couple in the bottom two is Jake and Chelsie. So that means Kate and Tony are safe. Tony doesn't look that relieved. Kate has no expression as usual.

So who's going home? Thankfully, it's Buzz and Ashly. I mean, he's an American hero and all, but he has no place in a ballroom dancing competition. Come on. Getting through the first elimination was a gift. In his exit speech, Buzz says that he did the show for the fighter pilots, military, and "geezers" like him. He also wants the public to remember the successes of the Apollo program and support the future of the space program. Man, he had a LOT of different reasons for going on the show. They show a clip package of the short time period Buzz has been on the show. As Buzz and Ashly do their final dance together, the rest of the cast salutes them. Aw. That was nice. Now, get out, old man. And take Kate with you next week. Hear that America?

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