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Sade! She's still around? Oof. She's kind of lost her voice. I don't know if this is just a bad night for her or if she's really lost it. Anyway, Chelsie and Damian do a rumba to her song, and it's nice to see the new pros get a chance to show off their skills. I hadn't noticed it before, since I'm usually so busy looking at Pam's boobs and all, but Damian has a bit of the Mark Ballas hammy face. He needs to tone that down.

After a recap of the scoring from last night, Tom and Brooke are ready to reveal another safe couple. And it is... Evan and Anna. Erin looks really, really nervous.

There's a clip package of the pros dancing as kids. Anna was an adorable 7-year-old whose parents were both professional dancers. Damian didn't start dancing until he was ten, which is apparently a late start. Chelsie hated dancing, and would cry before every lesson. It seems kind of cruel that her parents made her keep going, doesn't it? Maks discovered that he was horrible at every other form of the arts (acting, singing), so he took up dancing. Derek, Julianne and Mark grew up together in London, and they used to win all the trophies in all the youth competitions. When Edyta was 12, she wore the same revealing costumes that she does now. Apparently, the world of ballroom dance is super-violent, as they all talk about throwing elbows, scratching and punching the other couples on the floor. Who knew? Anyway, tonight Mark is choreographing a dance for some of the up-and-coming youth.

And here they are, including the couple that won the kids' competition a few seasons back. There are five couples doing a paso doble, which then morphs into a more modern take. At one point, I think they start doing the dance from Can't Buy Me Love. Anyway. It was okay, and nice exposure for these kids, but nothing to write home about. There's another fake movie trailer going into commercial, this one for ChaChaBlanca. I'm sure you can fill in the blanks. And then coming back, they have a parody of Rambo starring Tony as Glambo, and it actually made me like Tony a little bit because he was parodying himself. Tom announces that it's movie week, so suddenly all the fake trailers make sense. He may have said that earlier and I fast-forwarded through it.

Time to reveal two more safe couples. They are... Nicole and Derek, as well as Pamela and Damian. Neither of those are too surprising. Backstage, Jake and Chelsie talk about how they know what it's like to be in the bottom two, and their hearts go out to those who haven't been declared safe yet. Brooke finally gets around to asking Nicole what was up with her breakdown. Nicole says that she was upset with herself and her performance, not the judges. She should have said that last night, to avoid people thinking she was a prima donna.

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