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The Macy's Stars of Dance performance this week features a prima ballerina and some violin duo. This should be... interesting? As much as I like ballroom, I don't know that I tuned in to see ballet. But maybe it won't be traditional ballet. Yeah, definitely not. There is breakdancing and front tucks. And rapping. That's one way to make the arts more accessible. It's different, that's for sure. And watchable.

Sade returns to sing "Sweetest Taboo" while four men dance in a sort of hip-hop/jazz fusion. It's quite good, but Sade has definitely lost her voice. Which is kind of sad, although apparently she's still making a living at performing.

Brooke talks to Kate backstage, who admits that it was the first time she had fun out there. Gee, it only took a month. She also uses her little girl voice to tell Tony that she loves him and is glad he was patient. Gah, she's so gross. She's sent back out and there is a light smattering of applause from the other contestants, which tells you everything you need to know. Then Chad hits on Cheryl some more, and I love him, but it's getting old.

Who else is safe? That would be... Erin and Maks. They look really relieved. They were clearly worried. So it's either going to be Niecy and Louis, Aiden and Edyta, or Kate and Tony. Another fake movie trailer bumper parodies James Bond with "Double O-chocinco" with a quick tag for Pamela Anderson in the sequel as "Jaymes Blonde." I think that just got greenlit by a studio somewhere.

So out of the three remaining couples, who is safe? Kate and Tony. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! There aren't enough O's in the world for me to express my feelings about that, especially if Niecy goes home. Then again, I could have voted if I felt so strongly. Tom is quick to point out that these are not necessarily the bottom two, and then asks Len what he thinks about these two couples. Len thinks Niecy is fun and bubbly, and Aiden is charming, so it will be a loss either way. Note that he didn't say that either of them were talented dancers.

So who is going home? After a looooong pause, Tom announces that it's Aiden and Edyta. Kate acts like she's really sad about it. Meanwhile, Aiden has got to be thinking, "Are you SERIOUS? Kate gets to stay?" Aiden tells Brooke that last night he had the best time dancing he's ever had. Tom points out that they were given a standing ovation, which doesn't always happen when someone gets voted out. After a clip package showing Aiden and Edyta's greatest hits, they take their final turn on the dance floor. I notice that they didn't ask Aiden if he had anything to say to his partner, and same with Edyta. Hmm. Did they not do that in the past weeks, either? Or just this week? Oh, after the clip package, they do let Aiden get a little choked up about how he feels about his partner. Poor Edyta. I hope she gets a great partner next season.

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