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Kate lumbered around the stage last week and the judges pointed it out. In rehearsal, Kate is whiny. She complains about how she has to check the news every day to see what her day will be like. Maybe she could ignore it and just live her damn life? Ugh, she drives me crazy. Tony tells her to do well to rub it in Jon's face, essentially. And then Kate goes on to make more excuses about why she's going to be terrible. And then Tony makes excuses about how her problem is doubting herself. Are you kidding me? Kate has never doubted a move she's made in her whole life. All she thinks about is herself. Gah. I should just skip her clip packages from now on and enjoy the goofiness of her dances. So how is their tango? You know, it's... better! I mean, it's still terrible. And her face is still expressionless, except for one small smile at Tony when she gets a move right. But there is actual footwork happening in one section, and she snaps her head sharply a few times. It's on the beat. These are small things, but given what I was expecting, there is definite improvement. But she's still the worst dancer left. I'm almost disappointed that she didn't do worse. If she would just shut up and dance each week, I wouldn't hate her so much. But then she has to open her yap.

Bruno thought it was a breakthrough, and she was even dancing at times, but her technique was still very bad. Carrie Ann is proud of her, because she's determined, even though she did a sort-of lift at the end. Len tells Tony that he's done a great job getting the best out of Kate that he could. Is this the week that the judges are nice to her to try to avoid people voting for her in an "Eff you judges" move? Kate's makeup is even better this week. Backstage, Brooke asks Kate a question and she can't respond and Tony says, "Wow, Kate Gosselin speechless. This is awesome." I don't think he meant it how it sounded, but that was revealing. Technical scores: Carrie Ann 4, Len 5, and Bruno 5 for a total of 14. Performance scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 6, and Bruno 6 for a total of 18 and a grand total of 32. Those performance scores were generous, since her facial expression didn't change.

Chad and Cheryl are doing the rumba this week, and I'm a little nervous that he's going to start humping her on the dance floor. Chad is psyched to show the women how good his hips are; he practices in the mirror while Cheryl is busy texting in the corner. Cheryl works with him on being soft and gentle instead of so intense and physical. And she flashes the ring her bought her. Damn, girl. Anyway, their routine is AWESOME. His posture is so much improved. He manages to have great hip action. His movements are even graceful and he shows great musicality. Where was this Chad in the first few weeks? There are still some problems, but overall it's so much better.

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