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Last night, Nicole and Jake got high praise, while Kate in particular got rightly criticized. But one of them, and only one, is going home this week. Who will it be? We'll find out LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

They reveal some results immediately, which they've been doing all along this season, and I really like. They mix it up, though, and this week they're going to reveal the fates of the couples at the top and bottom of the judges' leaderboard. Nicole and Derek are at the top, and they are, to the surprise of no one, safe. Kate and Tony are at the bottom. I was sure they would be safe, too, because that would be shocking, and leave people wondering who the bottom two was then. And yet... they are in the bottom two. Yay! I mean, even if she doesn't go home this week, maybe she's getting closer. I don't know who Kate is looking at off stage, but she looks pissed (more than usual) and kind of sighs, like, "I don't know why people didn't vote for me. I'm just a mom! Doing this for my kids!"

Len reviews last night's dances. He was happy that Erin and Maks switched into high gear. He thinks Jake went from supporting role to leading man with his underwear dance. Pam's quickstep didn't have enough content. That's actually a valid criticism, and one I don't recall him making last night. Len thinks those three are in the middle. He moves on to Niecy and Chad. He thinks Niecy isn't meeting expectations, and Niecy seems to be confusing shaking her boobs with technique, much as I love her. Len argues that Chad isn't living up to his potential, either. Len tells Kate, "This is dancing with the stars, not strolling with the stars." So Niecy, Kate, and Chad are at the bottom. It's an insult to put Niecy and Chad in the same group with Kate. And then, of course, the top two are Evan and Nicole, and we all know how great they are. Let's hope someone else bubbles up to the top before the end, or this won't be very interesting until the finals.

Len says that he and Carrie Ann want to see a fun cha cha cha, and Bruno just wants to see Jake in his underwear. So we get to see that mess again. Jake makes guppy faces like Mark Ballas used to. I can't believe Len didn't point out how much of the time Jake just stood there while Chelsie danced around him. And his feet are really bad. I realize my dislike for Jake as a person is bleeding through to my critique, but there you have it. Chelsie has a bit of a wardrobe malfunction at the end, but I think she manages to keep everything contained.

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