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There's another performance? Damn. Someone named Debbie Nova is here to make her American television debut. She kind of looks like a cross between Shakira and Denise Richards. Dmitry, Derek, Tony and Damian come out to dance with her. It always amazes me how in sync the pro dancers can be when they have so few hours to choreograph and rehearse these routines. I'm sure they reuse segments and stuff from previous dances, but it always looks fresh to me, and like they've rehearsed it for weeks. They don't get enough credit for that.

Tom and Brooke announce that next week there will be a swing dance marathon, and the stars will get to design costumes for their pro partners. They always make a big deal out of this, but nothing ever really comes out of it other than a lot of jokes and then the actual costume looks the same as it always does. Like Nicole jokes that she's going to put Derek in fringe, and Kate says she's going to put Tony in white with pastel sequins. But in the end, why would you want your partner to look ridiculous, because it could affect your score.

Tom and Brooke are ready to reveal some more results. They ask Evan and Anna and Jake and Chelsie to step forward. Evan and Anna are safe, but Jake and Chelsie are still in jeopardy (but not necessarily in the bottom two).

Brooke is backstage with Nicole, Evan and Niecy, since they are all safe. Brooke tells Nicole that it looks easy for her, and Nicole promises that it's not, and Derek says that she puts in a lot of hours. Brooke asks Evan how it felt to lose the top spot. Evan gives his ice skating answer, which is that they gave it all they had and were inspired by Derek and Nicole. Brooke asks Niecy how she's going to catch up to the others, and Niecy laughs that she probably can't catch up to "these beautiful thin children" but she'll stay in her lane and keep having fun.

Erin and Maks and Pamela and Damian are the only remaining couples who haven't been called down yet, so down they go. Erin and Maks are safe. Maks is thrilled; he obviously thought they were in trouble. Pamela and Damian are still in jeopardy.

After reviewing the dances from all the couples that have still not been told they're safe, it's time to find out who is actually in the bottom two with Kate and Tony. It could be Jake and Chelsie, Pamela and Damian, or Chad and Cheryl. Tom starts out first and tells Jake and Chelsie that they are safe. Brooke tells Chad and Cheryl that they are safe. Chad has a reaction but then stops, because he's not sure what they said. Finally, Cheryl figures it out and they hug. So that means that Pamela and Damian are in the bottom two with Kate and Tony.

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