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Tom ask the judges about the bottom two. Carrie Ann calls Kate "a housewife" which doesn't seem like a compliment, and says that she admires how Kate is no quitter. Except on her marriage. Hey-yo! Brooke asks Bruno about Pamela, and Bruno says that she's a good dancer and he can't believe that people can't see it. Tom wants Len to talk about these two. Len says that he looks forward to seeing what these two will do each week. But mostly Pamela. And not Kate.

So who's going home? Tom takes his time announcing that the couple going home will be... Kate and Tony. Oh, thank God. God bless America. I just saluted the television. Tony is grinning ear to ear. He must be so relieved. Brooke feeds into Kate's ego and tells her that she's courageous. Kate is very emotional and asks for a minute. Tony pipes up and says that Kate has eight kids and she's a single mom, and she still comes out and gives her best. But not really. Tom reveals that Kate kind of knew she was going home tonight. Kate says that her gut feelings are always right. Except that she had a gut feeling she should dance on national television, and that's not right. God, the partying the others will do tonight now that they don't have to deal with her bitchery anymore. And man, do they have a lot of time left to talk to her. Bleh. I don't want to hear what Kate has to say about her terrible dancing. Good bye and good riddance.

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