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Chad and Cheryl are up next with their quickstep to a song from The Jungle Book. Chad's holding a sign that's a tribute to his former teammate Chris Henry. Chad and Cheryl have trouble in rehearsals, and Chad thinks that there's something wrong with Cheryl's attitude. He keeps asking her what's wrong, and she will only say that she's under a lot of pressure and she needs him to work hard. So... what was the point of that exactly? I guess the producers got tired of the usual storyline of Chad pursuing Cheryl and Cheryl demurring. I just realized who he's like. He's like Pepe le Pew going after the black cat. Anyway, they dance to "Bare Necessities" and... it's not as good as last week. It's not terrible. The beginning is cute. But Cheryl needs to find ways to let Chad add his own flair into the routine, because in this one, he's too much in his head, trying to remember the steps, and looking very stiff. And then at the end, there's a bit where he runs over to her and it looks very awkward. Basically, instead of dancing together the whole time, they seemed like they were dancing at cross-purposes. I hope he survives until next week, because I'd love to see him do another Latin dance.

Bruno thought their dance was a little bit too wild; they went for energy but lost control. Carrie Ann thought the routine was uneven, with good bits and bad bits, but she thinks Chad is having fun. Len thought it was lively with better posture, and he did his best with a difficult task. Len? Really? I bet he gives him like a 5, because when Len's going to give a low score, he always says something nice. Backstage, Brooke asks about that clip package, and Chad basically says that there was nothing wrong with Cheryl except that she wanted him to work hard. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 6, and Bruno 6.

The next couple is Erin and Maks, doing a Pulp Fiction jive. Last week, Erin kind of looked like a corpse in her tango. In rehearsals, Maks says that Erin needs to give him one hundred percent control over the situation. Yeah, that's going to happen. They continue to bicker and bicker and bicker. They argue about her hand position. They argue about her shoes. And yet, they're kind of laughing even while they're fighting, so I'm not all that worried. In their jive, Erin wears an Uma Thurman style wig and they start out seated at a table. Erin gets up and starts dancing to a really slow version of "You Never Can Tell." Maks dances with her, reluctantly, and he's looking at a menu the whole time. After the first verse, she grabs the menu and tosses it and the band kicks in and the song starts double time. Man, I was wondering! Because it was really slow in the beginning. Anyway, their routine is really fun and watchable. Erin does a good job with the kicks and flicks, and she's having a lot of fun out there. Something seems to go wrong at the end, though, as she ends a few beats too soon. Overall, it was a fun jive.

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