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Carrie Ann loved the story, and liked the dance. She thought Erin got a little ahead of the beat at times. Len was worried at the beginning with the slowness, but loved it once the beat kicked in, even if it was occasionally hectic. Bruno thought it was Erin's best timing ever, and thinks she's on the right track. Erin and Maks do their usual messing with Tom, and then the camera goes to the stars in the waiting area. I don't think Erin and Maks knew the camera was going to cut back to Tom at the end, and it totally catches them embracing and kissing in a way that makes them look like a real couple. Oops. If Brooke has any balls, she'll ask them about that backstage. Scores first: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 8. Brooke does ask what's going on with them and they avoid the question until Erin says that nothing will be happening until he gives her a ring like Chad got Cheryl. Awesome. I like Erin more every week.

Jake had a lot of enthusiasm in his tango with Chelsie last week, but his technique wasn't great, and he fell. This week, they have the cha cha to a song from Risky Business. As they rehearse, Jake wants to know the schematics of every move, and Chelsie encourages him to hear the music. Jake comes into rehearsal dressed like Tom Cruise in the volleyball scene in Top Gun. Does anyone else find it weird that Maverick was playing beach volleyball in jeans? Who wears jeans to the beach? Anyway, they're dancing to "Old Time Rock and Roll" so of course Jake comes out in dress shirt and BVDs. Yuck. Chelsie tosses him some pants and it's sort of awkward since he has to put them on over his dress shoes. Once they finally start dancing, it's okay. Jake is still a little wild. He's overdancing. His arms are kind of flung around and he tends to get ahead of the beat. Like he's a robot and he's trying so hard to pretend that he feels human emotions. Which actually is a lot like how Tom Cruise is most of the time (jumping the couch, anyone?) so maybe it fits this dance. Jake does creep me out in almost exactly the same way that Tom Cruise does as well.

Len loves Jake's enthusiasm, and wishes he hadn't screwed up the ending. Bruno wonders why Jake had to put his pants on at all, and he thought he had great lines. Carrie Ann thinks that Jake has guts, and she loved the whole dance. Were they watching the same out-of-control mess that I was? Seriously, WTF? Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 8. Boo. Overscored.

Last week, Pamela got huge marks from the judges, and this week, she'll be dancing to one of my all-time favorite songs, "9 to 5," the title song from the movie. They'll be doing the quickstep, so Pam needs to work on her stamina, although since she'll be playing Dolly Parton, she can probably get by on her boobs for a lot of it. Pam comes out and sits at a table and shows off her assets until Damian comes out and they finally start the quickstep. It took way too long to get there. And this is one of the slower quicksteps I've seen. It looks more like a waltz in the beginning. I don't know if it's the poor song choice or what. They do an impressive move where they dance up a chair, over a desk, and back down the other side, but I don't know if it's enough. It was kind of dull.

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